Author Information

Here you will find my author bios and headshots as well as a little bit of random information just for fun.

2 Responses to Author Information

  1. Amy Beth,

    Is there a superwriter lurking inside you, begging to be shared with the world? Bet there is. 🙂

    I am to most people mild-mannered multigenre writer Jody T. Morse but once a month, I transform into Lady Morse Code, founder of the League of Extraordinary Authoresses. As LMC, I write an interview blog column for spec fiction magazine Luna Station Quarterly and I’d l or to interview you for an upcoming issue.

    You can see previous editions here…

    Just an easy, fun 10-12 question email interview from the voice of your superwriter persona. Give it a gander and a ponder then let me now if you’re up for it. Thanks, Amy Beth!

    Jody aka Lady Morse Code

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