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Keeping on Keeping On

Quick update for A Round of Words in 80 Days… Three weeks left. Although I’m not doing as much writing as I’d like, I’m OK with that for now. I think I need to eventually know what my yearly writing … Continue reading

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SciFi Q of the Day: Can Good SciFi Lack Plausibility?

SciFi Question of the Day: Is it possible to have a good SciFi story when the science behind it lacks plausibility? . Facebook Answers:   Joseph Kerezman No, thats called Fantasy   AmyBeth Fredricksen The STNG episode where they discovered Riker was cloned by … Continue reading

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Interview With Natasha Journeydown

Natasha Journeydown is the newly appointed White Duchess of Fallcastle. The youngest of the Duchy, she has garnered attention for not only her youthful enthusiasm, but for her attention to detail and innate sense of fashion. 1) Have you always … Continue reading

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Yeah. I’d edit that title too, if I was an editor. …were an editor? No… was an editor. Anywho… I think this will be my 199th post. Time to think of something spectacular for my 200th! Meanwhile, an update for … Continue reading

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SciFi Q of the Day: Stranded in the Past

This is a Two Parter. Same question, two very different time periods. SciFi Question of the Day: If you found yourself hopelessly stranded back in the glory days of the Roman Empire, how much of your knowledge of future events … Continue reading

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Assless Chaps (AKA a guest post from Jenn LeBlanc)

Hi everyone! *waves* I had a very special request from AmyBeth to write about the behind the scenes of a photo shoot. So you are in for a special treat. See I am an author, and I am also a … Continue reading

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Interview With Ulysses “Moose” Umbra

Ulysses “Moose” Umbra is a Sergeant in the Naval Corps of Orbital Defense. He has been decorated with more than a dozen honors, including the Bronze Petal and the Arheim Award. He has been stationed on the Moon for the … Continue reading

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White Sails

I’ve heard that when the European ships appeared on the eastern shores of America, the Native Americans had no context to describe what they saw. They used words like “white clouds” to communicate the experience. I feel like this when … Continue reading

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Back on the Wagon…Wait…or Off…

One week later and I still haven’t figured out the analogy. Maybe I’ll pull a Lucas and re-edit this post three months from now when a really witty anecdote comes to mind. But things are better. After several updates in … Continue reading

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SciFi Q of the Day: Why Go to the Moon?

SciFi Question of the Day: Why go to the moon? . Facebook Answers:   Joseph Kerezman Because its there.   AmyBeth Fredricksen Yeah, so’s Venus, but I wouldn’t be seen dead there!   Bob Camp because its better than going to Uranus!!!! LMAO! (sorry i have … Continue reading

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