Editing Services

I offer a limited variety of editing services, and may branch out more in the future.

In my experience, manuscripts, especially from new authors, can vary wildly in how much help they need. For this reason, I always begin with a sample of either ten or thirty pages for a flat rate, and then I give the client a quote for how much it would cost to edit the entire manuscript. For many authors, a ten or thirty page comprehensive edit will give them a good idea of the kind of errors that go all the way through their manuscript. It’s cost effective for the author to fix these themselves.

I generally work with speculative fiction and romance (including GLBTQetc), but I am open to most other genres as well. I reserve the right to refuse work with objectionable content such as pedophilia. Please let me know up front if your story contains something that may be objectionable.


  • 10 page comprehensive edit $20
  • 30 page comprehensive edit $40
  • Payment is due in advance.

Further editing averages just over a penny per word. The general range is from 0.75 cents a word to 3 cents a word. The rate will depend on the level of edits you want (line edits, proofreading etc.) as well as the number of concerns I find in the sample pages. Word count is based on the length of the entire manuscript, including the title page (you can pare this down to the minimum) and the original ten or thirty pages. The original $20 or $40 is subtracted from this fee.  Half the payment is due in advance, the remainder is due ten calendar days from when I send your edits.

What You Get:

I will not make any changes for you. I will use the comment function in MS Word to point out any errors or concerns I find. I may also highlight something if that is the simplest way to point something out. In the body of the email I send back to you I will include a brief critique of the sample as a whole, and a quote for how much further edits would cost. It is my job as an editor to point out what I find. It is up to the author to decide which suggestions to take and which to ignore. It would be very unusual if an author made every change their editor suggested!

How to Begin:

  1. Send me Gmail at USNessie telling me what genre and how long your manuscript is. Please tell me what POV you intend to use. Let me know if there is anything I might find objectionable (LGBTQ is just fine, erotica is fine, excessive gore might be a problem not because I think it’s bad but because I have a horrible gag reflex!) I will let you know what my availability is. I can usually finish ten sample pages in a few days, but I generally ask for a week.
  2. Send payment via PayPal.
  3. Prepare your sample of either ten or thirty pages, Times New Roman, font size twelve, double spaced. A couple extra pages to finish out a section is all right, but I’ll only edit the ten or thirty. Do not send your entire manuscript.
  4. I will email your edits back to you by the agreed-upon time. From there you can decide whether you want to do further edits. The price quote is good for three months.
  5. The word count of your whole manuscript includes the ten or thirty pages from your initial edit. The $20 or $40 fee that was already paid will be subtracted from the cost of your full-manuscript edit. For example: Your manuscript is a total of 50,000 words. It requires a high level of editing, so I charge 3 cents a word, which comes out to $1,500. You already paid $20 for a ten page comprehensive edit, so the price would be $1,480. 80% is due up front, and the remainder must be paid within a week after I send you the completed edits.
  6. Additional rounds of editing on the same manuscript are negotiable for an additional fee.


For information on standard editorial rates, see the Editorial Freelancers Association website. With pricing at a penny a word, a 100,000 word manuscript would cost a thousand dollars to edit. This covers the base fee as well as applicable taxes. If unforeseen circumstances prevent me from delivering edits on the agreed schedule, I may offer a discount and I will always do my best to communicate how long a delay it might be. If you need something rushed, I may be able to accommodate you for an additional rate. I use the Chicago Manual of Style, which is the industry standard.

Questions? Send me Gmail at USNessie.