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In a Position to Give Advice

I’ve had several people ask me about “How do you write a book and get published?” over the last few months. At first, I felt like I was a pretender, someone who had no right to give advice. After all, … Continue reading

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Almost Done

One week to go! I’m glad I went back to teaching this semester. It’s a job I really enjoy. But the first semester back always takes ten times the effort as I had to adapt to new software that the … Continue reading

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SciFi Q of the Day: Brain in a Bell Jar

SciFi Question of the Day: If one condition of advancement was to share an office with your predecessor’s still-living and communicating brain encased in a bell jar, would you accept the promotion? Facebook Answers   Daniel Beard it depends, do they get … Continue reading

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We Want It All and We Want It Now

In my early twenties I perused a book offering advice to young people like me, just starting out on our own lives. I don’t remember the title or author, but one particular concept struck me as being very true. I … Continue reading

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Interview With Allie Sanders

I live in small-town Michigan with my husband who thinks he’s a child and my dog who thinks he’s a cat. This works out just fine because I’m convinced I’m a ballerina. I am older than I look, younger than … Continue reading

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Update for ROW80

OK. I’m not going to link the post that says “Nothing much going on here…” but I will write it. So… update for A Round of Words in 80 Days… Nothing much going on here. Next Tuesday is the last … Continue reading

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SciFi Q of the Day: Nirgal Vallis

SciFi Question of the Day: Charles Root Jr suggest that, when we colonize Mars, we enclose Nirgal Vallis and live there. So, how do we make this work? Facebook Answers:   Mark Strock  let Charles figure it out   Dave Mac  First you have … Continue reading

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Interview With Pony Horton

Pony R. Horton is a creative artist/film maker/journalist/entrepreneur of Irish and Cherokee descent. He has lent his talents, usually in the area of technical or visual effects work, to a number of low-and-medium budget feature films, including photographic and visual … Continue reading

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What’s up with ROW80 this week? Not much. After this semester is over I’m revamping my goals. Move along… nothing to see here… The shortlink to this post is

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SciFi Q of the Day: Women Doctors

SciFi Question of the Day (Via If a woman were to play Doctor Who, would you like to see… Emma Watson or Hellen Mirren? Or someone else? Facebook Answers:     David Gardner   Helena Bonham Carter might be able to pull … Continue reading

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