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Seeking Other Author’s Advice on Contests

My writing update for the week: I remembered what happened last week regarding my ‘finish the short stories you start within a few days’ goal, and vowed not to make the same mistake again. I started a story last week, … Continue reading

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Sample Group Interview

I’ve been published in several anthologies, and one challenge is how to promote the book with so many wonderfully diverse writers. For both Felt Tips and Precipice, I interviewed several of the authors. That’s great, but I didn’t have enough … Continue reading

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The Hard Work of Writing

Some say The Hard Work of Writing is in the editing and revising process, taking out chunks of words that once seemed so perfectly right, and yet somehow do not belong in the finished piece. Some say The Hard Work … Continue reading

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SciFi Q of the Day: Brain in a Bell Jar

SciFi Question of the Day: If one condition of advancement was to share an office with your predecessor’s still-living and communicating brain encased in a bell jar, would you accept the promotion? Facebook Answers   Daniel Beard it depends, do they get … Continue reading

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