This page is where I put links for the various pages I like to use while I’m writing. You might find them interesting too!

Words & Ideas

The Navajo Code Talker Dictionary is interesting when I’m making up fake words and terminology but I want to have some basis in reality.

Another very simple way to come up with terms is to simply use Google Translate. I enter the idea word in English, then browse through what that word is in other languages.

My favorite site for character names is It lets me search by many criteria (click on “advanced search”) and even has a section specifically for writers who are naming characters.

Writing Style

HEA characters: Humanistic, Empathetic, and Admirable

Han Shot First: A post on my own blog about whether it’s acceptable for a writer/creator to go back and edit something that has already been published. I’m constantly linking to it in other blog posts and e-mail, which makes it hard to find since search finds all the references as well as the original post!

Analog magazine has this guide to manuscript style as a link on their submissions page just to help authors make sure they are formatting their submissions properly.

Real Science

Well, duh, NASA of course! And they have another page of how to connect with them via social media.

I love to use the orbital tracker to know when I might be able to catch a glimpse of the ISS or other objects in orbit. I miss being able to see the space shuttle.

I asked a question about orbits, and Jason Fisk found this great image on Wikimedia that shows a comparison of orbital altitudes.

Michael Laine and the Liftport Group are working on the technology to build a real space elevator. Also on the subject of space elevators, here’s the fictional HALO one. “Space Elevator Guy” also has a photostream on Flickr.

About a manned mission to Mars

Consolidated Lunar Atlas


When I was little, I wanted to be either an author or an architect. I went to school for architecture, and I have degrees in Liberal Arts and in Architecture & Building Engineering Technology. Here are some sites with cool architecture.

The Architecture of Robert Oshatz someone shared on Google Plus. I would love a house with this look someday, and it’s also a good look for SciFi homes.

I dream to someday have my own writing office in the house Robert Heinlein built in Colorado Springs back in 1950. It’s at 1776 Broadmoor Valley Rd.


Wikimedia Commons is a wonderful place to get images that are designed to share. Most have some kind of a creative commons license, which means as long as I give attribution I can use them on my blog.

I used to use Model Mayhem to look for inspiration for characters, but lately it seems that they’ve changed the search function on their site and I can no longer narrow the list by certain characteristics. I’m not going to surf through thousands of pictures and hope that I come across exactly the one who looks like I imaging my character.

It’s always in the back of my mind that someday I will need a cover. Sometimes I come across an artist I love and I think “Wow! Wouldn’t this make a great cover?”

Jan Saudek and Sara Saudkova are a couple of photographers with a feel and look that I love. Many of their works are NSFW, but a lot of the images have a playful and innocent look even though they might involve nudity. I’d love for my cover art to be something stand-out like this, although it would be a challenge to make sure the innocence and beauty came through and people didn’t just say “Hey, is she naked in that picture?”

A gallery of shareable, low-res images of John Quinlan.

Microscopic images are great story prompts.

Claudia McKinney of Phatpuppy Art is one of my favorites for cover art! Her people and creatures are fantastic.

Jeff Brown does the most amazing SciFi landscapes.

123RF has a lot of royalty-free images

NASA’s Project Apollo archive on Flickr 

Friends and Other Interesting People

OK, this list will never ever be finished. I could list all the great interviewees I’ve had, but links to their sites are on their interviews.

The first time I used John Quinlan‘s picture to illustrate a story called Postcard, I had no idea who he was. I found the picture on Wikimedia. But then people started finding my site because they were googling him, and we eventually became friends. He’s building a portfolio of images specifically designed for Romance Authors.

Another model to whom I owe thanks for the blog hits is Ophelia Overdose. She is very artistic, and creates whole scenes with her own body as only part of the overall picture. She gave me permission to use one of her pictures to illustrate a Steampunk story, and I’d love to use her again.

You won’t find many pictures of her, but Geri is one of my best friends in the world. She beta reads and proofreads for me, and you can read her blog at


Stock 20 is a site for royalty-free music for just $20… great for book trailers!

The Looking Glass is a site that pretends to be a newspaper with articles about events happening in different fantasy/scifi worlds. Authors can write articles for the site as a way of promoting their book. Awesome idea!

The Forge: Affordable Book Finishing will take a polished manuscript and convert it to the various formats for publication.

11 Responses to Links

  1. Another one for me: also writes SciFi romance with both pairings and group marriage.

  2. Laston Kirkland is thinking about an anthology about a magical mall…
    Find him on Google Plus.

  3. Not my norm, but something to think about:

    Editor Delilah Devlin is looking for stories for a special project to benefit the Turpentine Creek Wildlife Refuge.

    What we propose is to produce a volume of short stories, all centred around animals in need of refuge.

  4. For me to check out later (From Rob Mauro’s facebook/ Phase II)

    Robert Damian Mauro LoL, thanks for sharing this post folks, but I am about to delete this.

    Apparently “Hide post” doesn’t mean that much to Facebook – the post was really never meant to be seen by anyone.

    Anyway, for those of you wondering, it’s simply a test of the website->Facebook integration. Posts made to the website get cross posted here with a link to the post’s page (and a thumbnail of whatever image we used as the featured image for the website post). Should make disseminating information to both places a lot easier.

    For those that run a WordPress blog, check out Aaron’s SharePress plugin – if you have more than one Facebook page, you need to purchase a key – but believe me, it is worth it. Once you set it up (and determine which of your pages you wish to share posts on), it is beyond simple to run. Basically, you simply select the “Share to Facebook” button on the Post Editor page before you hit submit. That’s it (or enable it to automatically share).

    So, for those of you with WordPress sites, (such as possibly AmyBeth) and Jaime), check out Fat Panda’s Facebook page and website (web link below).

  5. Brief notes on submissions:

    Open Submissions Call:
    I’ve still got some open slots to fill for stories in the Suburban Fantasies Anthology. Have you ever wondered if that weird neighbor next door is really a Zombie? Or maybe the guy at the all night drive thru is a Troll. If you have, we want your humorous stories of fantasy beings dealing with life in the suburbs, book length approximately 100k, 15-18 stories, length 2400-10k. Gargoyles, Fairies, fantasy beings of all types, they’re all fair game. Only psychics need not apply. Payment will be on a royalty split after publication/sales system, (common with indie presses.) Send your submissions to: with SF Submission and your title in the subject line. Include your name, contact information, and word count, and attach the story in either rtf or doc format.
    Looking forward to seeing your story
    Penny Ash, editor

  6. Eep! This deadline’s coming up quick… but I might try it.

  7. Darn. I wish I could remember what that previous comment refered to… but I think it was only a week or so and therefore moot.

    Here’s another, for Speculative Fiction about a nightclub:

  8. Another link for later… image gallery of John, with low res versions allowed to use and share.

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