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Guest Post with Maggie Tideswell

I have the honor and pleasure of kicking off Maggie’s blog tour for the release of A Convenient Marriage, a paranormal romance coming in October! The idea of two complete strangers getting hitched has always intrigued me, for one simple … Continue reading

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The Mixture

My seventeen year old daughter has an intellectual disability. In some ways, she is a five-year-old. And a two-year-old. And a twelve-year-old. And, really, she is also a teenager with hormones and growth spurts and all the fun stuff that … Continue reading

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Interview with Grayson Towler

Grayson Towler has had a lifelong fascination with dragons, dinosaurs, magic, and the mysteries of the natural world. In addition to being a storyteller since he could first string words together, he has been a marketing copy writer, web designer, … Continue reading

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Monkey Princess

Thank goodness for prep work done right! For about a year now, I’ve been releasing a short story in The Cities of Luna with every full moon. The schedule has been a mix of stories that were briefly published in … Continue reading

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Interview with Dr. Leroy Chiao

Leroy Chiao is a former NASA astronaut and International Space Station commander. He works in business and consulting. He is a co-founder and CEO of OneOrbit, a training and education solutions company. Chiao also holds appointments at Rice University and … Continue reading

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Sunday afternoon I grabbed the notebook I’ve been using to write The Squirrels Are Back in the Attic and finished the darned thing. I can easily write a 5k story in a few days. This one was started in June. … Continue reading

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Interview with Shannon Lawrence

A fan of all thingsĀ fantasticalĀ and frightening, Shannon Lawrence writes in her dungeon when her minions allow, often accompanied by her familiar, Cleo. She writes primarily horror and fantasy. Her stories can be found in several anthologies and magazines, including Under … Continue reading

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August Already

The summer is flying by. School here starts in mid August, which might mean more writing time for me. Unfortunately, it also means I’ll be doing a lot more chauffeuring around as my kids and hubby have odd schedules. This … Continue reading

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