Victoria Pontifex (Steampunk)

The Victoria Pontifex series takes place in the wake of the fall of a mad scientist who experimented on humans and animals, creating a monster army intending to conquer the world.

Although the madman has been vanquished, his creations remain. Some are violent and destructive, while others want nothing more than to hide away in a dark corner and live their lives in peace. The more intelligent of his creations, such as the merfolk, strive to find their own place in the world.

This series is currently in development.

Steamship Troopers


Corporal Alexander Fitzsimmons is tasked with escorting the lovely Dr. Riley Abercrombie to the deserts of India in hopes that she can use her expertise as an entomologist to help Her Majesty’s steamship troopers conquer the monster bugs that are ravishing the country.Phatpuppy Siren with JQ

Siren’s Web

This was be my 3 Day Novel WIP for Labor Day Weekend 2013

The story begins with the mermaid trying to lure our hero to his doom, believing that he, as a henchman of the vanquished evil scientist, is responsible for much of her people’s woes. But our hero has a surprise for her… he is as much a victim as she.

And he has gills.

Kurt Williams Mermaid as DaisyGive Me Your Answer Do

Daisy is furious when Nathaniel walks away from their passionate love affair just because marrying a proper English miss will be better for his career than if he marries a mermaid. But that’s nothing compared to the fury she feels when he tries to win her back after a member of the Royal Family casually remarks how wonderful it would be if he married her…the daughter of one of the newly-ennobled dukes of the oceanic territories.

To Whom She Was Wed

Lorelei has enjoyed a pampered life as the King of Navarre’s mistress for years. But when the King dies, she is shipped off to the last person she would ever expect to show her kindness… her own husband.

Night on Bald Mountain

This story could be either the first or the last… it ties the others together. I think it works best last. Part of the story takes place before all the others, and part of it takes place after.

Cecile Chantilly Abercrombie Wallace is using her granddaughter Buttercup’s grande tour of Europe as an excuse for… a more secretive goal. Accompanied by three faithful servants and pursued by an ex-lover, Tilly (as she is affectionately known) searches throughout Victoria’s Kingdom and beyond to find the man she fears is responsible for the terrible plague of monsters unleashed upon the continent.

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