Art for my 3 Day Novel

Huzzah! I just got the official OK from model John Quinlan and artist Phatpuppy Art to share this gorgeous image! (It’s the watermarked, low res version)Phatpuppy Siren with JQThis Labor Day weekend, I will once again be participating in the 3 Day Novel Contest. This is a wild and wooly time where writers attempt to chug out an entire novel in just 3 days. I succeeded in 2011, with just over 20,000 words (which is technically a novella, but still counts…) This is the image I’m using as inspiration for that story. It will fit into my Steampunk series rather nicely!

Siren’s Web starts with the mermaid trying to lure him into the water. But he has a surprise for her…he has gills too!

The Victoria Pontifex series takes place in the wake of the fall of an evil madman who experimented on humans and animals, creating a vast army of monsters. Though the madmad is gone, his monsters remain. Some are violent and destructive, while others are meek and want nothing more than to hide.

And some just want to figure out where in the world they truly belong.

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