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Consistency in the Timeline

It’s not a huge spoiler, but there is a pregnancy in the Kingdom Come Duology From Earth to Kingdom Come. The main character gets pregnant in Jubliation of the Southern Cross and gives birth in Hearthsong. Lots of timeline details … Continue reading

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Rollerdanceskating Karaokeview

OK. The #SaturdayScenes community on Google Plus is planning to do some interviews of its members, and somehow that escalated into me organizing a dance show. Ironically, during the years when I was teaching Scottish Highland Dance, I did that … Continue reading

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Casualties of Career

It is assumed, and likely true, that most writers begin as voracious readers. When I was little, used bookstores were ‘anything goes’ when shopping with my father. He also passed down most the the SciFi he read, from John DeChancie, … Continue reading

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The Financial Lesson from Teaching Highland Dance

♥ When I was seven, my mother signed me up for Scottish Highland dance lessons. When I was twelve, my mother passed her teaching exam, found a few students, and I began helping her teach. When I was sixteen, I passed … Continue reading

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Why Stories Sit on the Shelf

♥ My TBR (To Be Read) shelf overfloweth. That’s nothing usual for any writer or bibliophile. But my TBF (To Be Finished) shelf overfloweth as well. So why do stories sit on the shelf? Why would a writer put them … Continue reading

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The Race Card

I want to include a diverse range of characters in all my stories. In my lunar shorts, it’s easy to imagine that the settlers on the Moon represent a wide range of nationalities, ages, familial situations etc. With the incorporeum … Continue reading

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