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My WIP is a worthy story deserving of love, honor, and the work of editing, revising and possibly rewriting that will make it great. It’s also nowhere near done. I started writing Twenty-first Century Airship Princess back in December. The … Continue reading

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Why Stories Sit on the Shelf

♥ My TBR (To Be Read) shelf overfloweth. That’s nothing usual for any writer or bibliophile. But my TBF (To Be Finished) shelf overfloweth as well. So why do stories sit on the shelf? Why would a writer put them … Continue reading

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The Bucket List

Honestly, I’m not keeping close track, but I know I’ve done at least a few hundred words each day this week(that defines an “acceptable” day,) and some days I’ve met the “great” day goal of a couple thousand words. I’ve … Continue reading

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