25 Things About Me

  1. In my Senior year of High School, I went to the Soviet Union (Yes, it was the Soviet Union back then) with a group of students from several local schools, including a week staying with a family in Dushanbe, Tajikistan.
  2. I studied Russian during my first two years of college, but was always terrible at it. I can sound out Cyrillic and ask you if you’d like to play chess, but that’s about it.
  3. I took French 1 twice because French 2 wasn’t offered. I can get by reading Where the Wild Things Are in French to my kids but that’s about it.
  4. I took four years of Spanish in high school and got to be proficient enough to read a simply-worded novel, but I quit because there were other more interesting things to do.
  5. I played the cello from fifth grade through high school, and our orchestra played Carnegie Hall as part of their youth symphony series in 1989. I miss it.
  6. I was on the fencing team at the University of Wyoming from 1989-1991.
  7. My mother signed me up for Scottish Highland Dance lessons when I was 7. I eventually became a teacher, and several of our former dance students are now teachers.
  8. I once took up the challenge to write a truly evil main character, but the worst I could manage was someone who was really annoying and always returned their library books late.
  9. If I’m in bed lying on my right side, then I get up for a minute, when I come back to bed I have to lie on my left side. OCD requires me to alternate.
  10. I have never changed a tire.
  11. It took ten and a half years and a lot of fertility treatments for my husband and I to get pregnant. We ended up adopting an 8yo and giving birth to our baby both in 2007.
  12. I did not drink alcohol until my 21st birthday. I rarely drink now, but when I do, it has to be sweet enough to qualify as dessert. If I drink too much I don’t shut up.
  13. I’m deathly afraid of Kayaks.
  14. I am old enough to honestly claim that the first stories I wrote were without benefit of ANY kind of word processing.
  15. I name all my electronic devices after characters from Happy Days.
  16. I drive the speed limit. Usually.
  17. I have an inexplicable urge to nag anyone named “Michael.” This has proved itself to be necessary several times in my life.
  18. I chose my pseudonym after a city on Loch Ness because I collect Nessies.
  19. I use the pseudonym “AmyBeth Drumnadrochit” for my children’s fiction, but I have never published under this name.
  20. I know that not only did Han shoot first, but Greedo never had a chance to pull the trigger.
  21. I really do make aluminum foil hats for fun. My secret is lining them with duct tape.
  22. My husband and I moved from Wyoming to Vermont in 1996, planning to stay just a few years. It became a twenty year exile, until we moved to Colorado in 2016.
  23. I’m an IBM brat, meaning IBM moved my family around a lot when I was a kid. Florida, Ohio, Kentucky, Colorado, then Vermont. That last move happened when I was a Freshman in college…so I never got to go “home” again.
  24. Although I grew up in Colorado, moving back in my mid forties made me realize what “high altitude sickness” really is.
  25. Being rich and famous might be nice, but my primary goal as a writer is to have a fanbase that looks forward to my releases and buys them when they come out.

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