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Who’s Going To the Moon?

A heck of a lot of folks! (Skip to the bottom for my ROW80 update) Besides  Liftport who plans to build an orbital elevator on the moon in the next decade, there are quite a few other groups planning projects … Continue reading

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H. E. Double Hockey-Sticks

Some months ago I had a conversation with Michael Laine and some of the other great minds at the Liftport Group about just how far from the equator a space elevator could be. I was surprised when I found out … Continue reading

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SyFy Q of the Day: Interstellar Communication

Before I even started this blog, I would occasionally pose a SyFy Question of the Day to my facebook friends. Sometimes, it was directly related to what I was writing, and I really did want some input to help me decide what … Continue reading

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Osama Bin Laden is Dead

Never in my life have I experienced such a tangible wave of collective consciousness. I took a very brief break from my WIP to check twitter, and the news that President Obama was about to address the nation was on … Continue reading

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I write what would be classified as “Soft Science Fiction.”  You will not find anyone yelling “Captain! The reactor’s about to blow! We must do something or the galaxy is doomed!” Yet, still, it is Sci-Fi, andtherefore based on an … Continue reading

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