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I am dancing with the goal line in NaNoWriMo. I started strong, then as expected dropped behind during the release of Cities of Luna and my goobear’s birthday. I caught up and got a little ahead, only to dip down … Continue reading

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In the Midst

In the midst of NaNoWriMo, I blog very little. Just the weekly update posts, unless I get a wild hair up the wazoo and decide to post something else. Speaking of which (NaNo, not my wazoo) I am now caught … Continue reading

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A Storm in the Rocky Mountains

I love this picture. I don’t remember how I found it originally…I was searching for images that were old enough to be public domain so I could use them for my mock-ups of my Steampunk stories. Originally I was going … Continue reading

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Steamypunk, Lunar Shorts, and NPH Goes Bollywood

And how are these three things related, you ask? Well, they aren’t. They’re just what’s occupying my brain today. That, and preparing for my youngest daughter’s birthday party while chastising my teenage daughter for burning through all her lunch money … Continue reading

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The Night Before my New Release

The Moon is Almost Full. This has new meaning to me now. Starting this month, every time there’s a full moon, I will release a new short story in The Cities of Luna. This month, the stand-alone story is Moon … Continue reading

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