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Busy Busy Busy

It’s difficult to tell whether or not I’m making my daily/weekly writing goals when I’m busy doing so many different things. I’m not just talking about life-things, of which there are always many, but manymanymany writerly things. This is good! … Continue reading

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I mean…goals! Yes yes yes…there was a wagon, which I fell off of, then a boat that I missed…but I am back on both and ready to set some goals for this Round of Words in 80 Days. Back to … Continue reading

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The Paradisi Chronicles

And now, a word from today’s guest, Cheri Lasota Massive Multi-Author Book Launch coming September 1! ENTER THE PARADISI WORLD… A science fiction adventure through time, space and generations, brought to life through the creativity and independent perspectives of multiple … Continue reading

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Interview with MK Meredith

MK Meredith writes single title contemporary romance promising an emotional ride on heated sheets. She believes the best route to success is to never stop learning. Her lifelong love affair with peanut butter continues, only two things come close in … Continue reading

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My Pitch to Publishers

I have two completed works I’m querying at #Pit2Pub on July 15, 2015. This post is to give curious minds some more details regarding each of them. If any of the participating publishers is interested in either of these, I … Continue reading

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Don’t Start Without Me!

OK, never mind…I’ll catch up. I was about to ask when the next Round of Words in 80 Days began, and then I realized it already did. First, I fall off the wagon, then I miss the boat. I have … Continue reading

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Gods of Probabilities by Liza O’Connor

Xenophobia – the future of racism. Definition of Xenophobia – An Unreasonable fear or hatred of strangers from other lands/countries/planets. Original usage: 1905-from the word Xenos, meaning strange added to Phobia, meaning fear. Together they mean: fear of strangers. Current/Future … Continue reading

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