Busy Busy Busy

ROW80LogocopyIt’s difficult to tell whether or not I’m making my daily/weekly writing goals when I’m busy doing so many different things. I’m not just talking about life-things, of which there are always many, but manymanymany writerly things.

This is good!

I finished up two different short stories. I have one more on my plate, and another on deck to write soon.

To recap, my regular goals are:

  • 1,000 words is an acceptable day
  • 2,000 words is a good day
  • more that 2,000 words is a great day
  • It’s OK if I miss a day now and then, but not too many in a row.

Umm… some days were great, one or two were just OK, and others were good by proxy because I did a lot of editing or planning/plotting.

I’m also busy talking business stuff with publisher-type peoples. More to come about that later…

When details are worked out, I’ll make the celebratory announcement post.

About AmyBeth Inverness

A writer by birth, a redhead by choice.
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4 Responses to Busy Busy Busy

  1. Eden says:

    I anxiously await your celebratory post, Amy. Until then… let’s just hope for a bunch of great days,

  2. Cindy says:

    How true is your title! 🙂 I know it only to well. Good to hear the good news about stories and plotting.

    Hope the weather is being nice to you, I know I get more productive when its nice, as I can sit on my porch and write away. Here’s to an awesome second half of the week.

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