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Plotting to Death

I’m often torn between Plotting and Pantsing. I think my best work has come from when I pants a story (writing by the seat of my pants.) However, pantsing has also led to a lot of writing that ends up … Continue reading

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Oh. THAT Problem…

I’m being glitchy and twitchy with the WIP. It’s not so much that I’m having trouble getting into it, it’s that the story is bright in my mind in some pieces, and dark in blurry in others. I don’t like … Continue reading

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What Did I Do This Week?

Ehrm… It’s transition time. I’ve sent one project out to beta readers, finished polishing a short and sent it to a publisher, and started writing a new story that will be either novel or novella length. I find myself planning … Continue reading

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Esther’s Timeline

My Incorporeum stories are categorized as Biblical Speculative Fiction, or Weird Fic (as is Garden Gnome Pub‘s specialty.) Each story has a tie-in with a story or setting in the bible. The Genesis of the Incorporeum began in the Garden … Continue reading

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Too Much Sex

I began writing my first polyamorous romance eight years ago, when I was pregnant. It was a wonderful outlet for my hormonal creativity, and the stories immediately demanded to be erotica, or at least erotic romance. In a well-written book … Continue reading

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February Has Arrived

I had hoped to be finished with Revision 02 of the duology by the end of February. Alas, ’twas not to be. But I’m close. I eliminated a couple of entire scenes, and discovered that with my newly adjusted timeline, … Continue reading

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I’m on Pinterest!

I discovered something today. Apparently, I’m on Pinterest, and didn’t even know it. Thirty-odd people have followed me, even though I have never pinned a single thing. A writer needs a strong internet presence. I have this via Facebook, Google … Continue reading

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