What Did I Do This Week?

ROW80 scroll downEhrm…

It’s transition time. I’ve sent one project out to beta readers, finished polishing a short and sent it to a publisher, and started writing a new story that will be either novel or novella length.

I find myself planning and plotting more than I usually do. I like pantsing, but I always find myself making at least a rudimentary outline of where the story is going. I might need to force myself to stop the planning and just dive in and see what direction the story takes. It’s an incorporeum story, which means it takes place in multiple time settings. I went through the biblical book of Esther and made a lot of notes. I downloaded a copy of A Thousand and One Arabian Nights. I’ve been asking the hive mind questions about the 1960’s. For the future setting, I’ve been brainstorming what kind of world I want to create.

This can get out of hand rather quickly. I like researching! And I know I can get stuck and very frustrated if I don’t know where my story is going.

Then again, my story won’t go anywhere if I just research and don’t actually start writing.

My ROW80 goals for the week…

Much accomplished in sending a short to a publisher and the duology to beta readers.

Much accomplished in researching and plotting.

Not enough accomplished in actual writing.


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1 Response to What Did I Do This Week?

  1. alberta says:

    all that other stuff such as research s necessary as the writing although I do get the temptation to drown in the fun of research – all the best:)

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