Lillie Lane (Urban Fantasy)

Lillie Lane LogoThe stories from Lillie Lane are not exactly a series, although technically they could all take place in the same world. That is to say, they could take place in the real world, right under your nose, and you’d never know it.

Each novella stands completely alone, unrelated to the others. I would rate them as PG13ish…that is to say, they’re written for adults, but there isn’t anything too graphic or sexual except for the occasional Jackson Pollock joke.

The first story, The House on Paladin Court, first came out in the Real World Unreal Anthology from HDW books in 2014. In my mind, there was more to the story, so I wrote two more shorts to go with it. The Bachelor on Paladin Court is a bit of romance, and The Baby on Paladin Court is a fun romp with some unique challenges. I’ve put the three stories together as a novella, which will be available in November 2015. I’m currently writing the next story, which is again three short stories put together as a novella. The Beekeeper’s Mother, The Beekeeper’s Widow, and The Beekeeper’s Daughter.

The House on Paladin Court

THOPC Cover 10

Martha, Jonah, and Grandpa Donald have lived in the old farmhouse on Paladin Court far longer than anyone can remember. Little do their neighbors know just how long they’ve lived there, or what is imprisoned in their basement.

  • The House on Paladin Court
  • The Bachelor on Paladin Court
  • The Baby on Paladin Court



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The Beekeeper’s Mother

Placeholder Cover, waiting for artwork

Placeholder Cover, waiting for artwork

Melissa is sandwiched between her lovely, loopy mother-in-law and her very busy grown children, all of whom depend on her for something or other. Now that her husband has passed, she’s doing it all on her own.

Her mother-in-law Nan may be a little loopy, but it’s the perfect kind of loopy to keep three-year-old Fern occupied all day. They romp through the meadows full of wildflowers, only coming in when Melissa tells them it’s time to eat or go to bed.

Melissa has never given a second thought to Nan and Fern’s stories about the fairies that live with the bees. But after her husband passes away, she realizes it may not be a fantasy.

  • The Beekeeper’s Mother
  • The Beekeeper’s Widow
  • The Beekeeper’s Daughter

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Would you like to color in a door? Feel free to print this one out. I’d love to see how it looks when you’re done!Celtic Knot Door Plain

Here’s one I did:Celtic Door Colored A