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Interview with K.B. Wagers

K.B. Wagers lives and runs in the shadow of Pikes Peak. She loves flipping tires and lifting heavy things. She’s especially proud of her second-degree black belt in Shaolin Kung Fu and her three Tough Mudder completions. When not writing … Continue reading

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Hubby and I sat down this morning to watch a movie together. We have cut the cable, but we have Netflix, Amazon, and a few other streaming services that work just fine and dandy. I wasn’t feeling so great, and … Continue reading

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I would like to say that the transition is over, that we’ve completed the move and I’ve got a handle on both the current and future writing projects. The truth is we’re still finding places for stuff in the new … Continue reading

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What Do You Mean It’s Not Wednesday?

Well. That escalated quickly. Or rather, de-escalated. Actually, it didn’t go anywhere at all. Last week, my update was all about “I’m gonna do some planning blah blah blah…” I thought I’d not only do more writing, but I’d also … Continue reading

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Where Am I?

The force was not with me today. Three hours at the DMV, all because twenty-one years ago I changed not just my last name, but my first name when I got married. Apparently Colorado is freaked out that I went … Continue reading

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