Where Am I?

NASA has some great shareable images!

NASA has some great shareable images!

The force was not with me today. Three hours at the DMV, all because twenty-one years ago I changed not just my last name, but my first name when I got married. Apparently Colorado is freaked out that I went from being Amy Elizabeth to AmyBeth. But that’s a long, boring story and you can catch it on facebook or G+ if you’re curious.

Once Upon a Time I posted my updates every Wednesday, an interview every Friday, and a SciFi Question of the Day post some other time during the week. I cut back in order to concentrate on actual writing and submissions. I have a pair of SciFi Romance novels out on query, but the interest level hasn’t progressed beyond sending 30 pages when asked. The Cities of Luna are doing well and keeping me busy with a new story coming out with every full moon.

Six months ago we found out our home in Vermont was being sold out from under us. We moved to Colorado in April, and life is still rather chaotic.

I need to reevaluate where I put my energy. Yes, I need to bump up my publication status, either with more submissions of the novels I’ve finished, or submissions to various calls and markets. The interviews were time-consuming, but they were a fantastic way to connect not only with other authors, but interesting people in relevant fields, like Astronaut Clayton C. Anderson. My SciFi Question of the Day posts are very popular, and I need to take advantage of that.

So, this is a goals post for A Round of Words in 80 Days. For the rest of this round, I will make some realistic long and short-term goals regarding which works are worth developing and which should stay on the back burner. I need to decide which non-writing writing-related activities are worth putting energy into.

I will not set a goal of writing every day. I think I will say three days a week is good for easing back into the routine. Promo will be part of my goals as well. Like most writers, I hate promotion. I’d rather concentrate on actual writing. Alas, it’s part of the business. I should at least be mentioning something about my books on social media every day. Once a day, if it’s not repetitive stuff, is usually not enough to feel spammy. For this month, part of my goal is to research writing opportunities outside of writing whatever I want then looking for a place to sell it.

Speaking of rounds…

Can someone tell me when this one ends and the next one starts? Sometime in June or July?

COL 2016 04


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5 Responses to Where Am I?

  1. nagrij says:

    Your DMV sounds like mine. Spent several trips proving I owned a car, so I therefore had the right to change the title and sell it. And by several, I mean four.

    • Gah! I understand that some of this red tape is to keep the community safe, but when I conscientiously do everything the right way, and am STILL challenged, it’s very frustrating.

  2. Eden says:

    Ack… your DMV sounds like the fun trip I’m dreading with the Social Security Administration one of these days. I found out that the town clerk put my birthday in wrong on my marriage license so when I got a new card with my married name, all my records got messed up. You have my sympathies, AmyBeth.

    I Hopefully things will start settling into a better pattern soon. Moving is a huge upset in one’s life. (We’ve been in this house 15years and I’m still trying to make it “ours”…. I fear I never will now, but then, we had to move in a bit of a hurry when we did too.)

    • We moved 11 times in our first year of marriage, and twice in the next ten years. Hopefully the next move will be to a place we can spend the rest of our lives!

      • Eden says:

        Wow… that is a lot of stress. Change, even good changes, can be hard to deal with when you’re trying to settle into family after couple. *crossing fingers for you* May this be the forever home.

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