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No Word Count

A new year and a new Round of Words in 80 Days! I am trying something new this round. I’m working on a novel, and I’m writing it by hand. Although I usually type my stories straight into MS Word, … Continue reading

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Where Am I?

The force was not with me today. Three hours at the DMV, all because twenty-one years ago I changed not just my last name, but my first name when I got married. Apparently Colorado is freaked out that I went … Continue reading

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Huzzah! My 500th Blog Post! And, oh boy, do I have a lot to share. Firstly, I have two new releases. Last week, my story The Remorse of the Incorporeum came out in the Biblical Legends anthology Sulfurings: Tales from … Continue reading

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The Same Mistakes

Skip down to ROW80 with me! I’m a teacher. Other than being a mom, that’s my day-job. Over the past thirty years, I’ve taught a number of subjects. My first experience at teaching came at age twelve when I started … Continue reading

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Gastric Sleeve

I didn’t write an update last Wednesday. I’m debating whether to link up this week since it’s almost midnight already. I think I do need to participate, not just to encourage others, but to keep myself on the right track. … Continue reading

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End of February

Hmm… methinks this is going to be a boring update. I’m pretty much the same as last week: Yes, meeting my goals thanks to writing more short stories, but not working on novels right now. I also need to spend … Continue reading

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Is January Over Already?

The first few months of the year always seem to fly by. It’s been a bad week. I did go to the tiny gym at work and walk slowly on the treadmill while doing some writing, which felt good. Yes, … Continue reading

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All or Nothing

All or nothing is not a good goal. It tends to derail the goal-setter. When perfection is not achieved, they give up. This has been a week full of all-or-nothings. Some days I wrote over 2k (which defines “a very … Continue reading

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The Next Big Thing

Betsy Tagged me in The Next Big Thing! For my ROW80 update, scroll to the bottom 1) What is the working title of your next book? My WIP is The Chapel at the End of the Universe. It’s the “next” … Continue reading

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Gosh Darn It All to Heck

Well, last week I missed the #ROW80 link-up completely. I was hoping to have better news this week, but although I’m barely keeping up with my whirlwind blog tour (I’m on Jilly Boyd’s blog today!) I have few than 6,000 … Continue reading

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