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Prep Work

Shiny! OK, new stuff is fun, but it’s not always a good thing. When you’re distracted by something new and shiny while you’re supposed to be working on something else, that’s bad. This is something we try to instill in … Continue reading

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Racial Diversity When Race Doesn’t Matter

Tonight I am attending an event sponsored by Pikes Peak Writers on writing authentic African-American Characters. This Write-Brain is very timely for me, because lately I’ve been wondering a lot about how to make sure my stories don’t come across as … Continue reading

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Lorinda’s Release Day

Row 80 Update: No writing is happening, and I have accepted that for this transition period. (We’re moving in January.) I have set down my NaNoWriMo WIP, and I hope to return to it after we’re resettled. There are, however, … Continue reading

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Wednesday Snuck Up On Me

Darn sneaky Wednesday, always lurking about…   Anywho. Let’s make this short. Goals?  1k is OK, 2k is great, more than that is super… I finished up an urban fantasy novella (actually, three short stories put together) and sent it … Continue reading

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My ROW80 Update for the Week You know that wagon I fell off of last week? It drove off without me. I ran behind it for a while, tripping over my own feet while yelling “HEY! Wait up!” Alas, it … Continue reading

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Plotting to Death

I’m often torn between Plotting and Pantsing. I think my best work has come from when I pants a story (writing by the seat of my pants.) However, pantsing has also led to a lot of writing that ends up … Continue reading

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Oh. THAT Problem…

I’m being glitchy and twitchy with the WIP. It’s not so much that I’m having trouble getting into it, it’s that the story is bright in my mind in some pieces, and dark in blurry in others. I don’t like … Continue reading

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Too Much Sex

I began writing my first polyamorous romance eight years ago, when I was pregnant. It was a wonderful outlet for my hormonal creativity, and the stories immediately demanded to be erotica, or at least erotic romance. In a well-written book … Continue reading

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Consistency in the Timeline

It’s not a huge spoiler, but there is a pregnancy in the Kingdom Come Duology From Earth to Kingdom Come. The main character gets pregnant in Jubliation of the Southern Cross and gives birth in Hearthsong. Lots of timeline details … Continue reading

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Rollerdanceskating Karaokeview

OK. The #SaturdayScenes community on Google Plus is planning to do some interviews of its members, and somehow that escalated into me organizing a dance show. Ironically, during the years when I was teaching Scottish Highland Dance, I did that … Continue reading

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