Lorinda’s Release Day

Row 80 Update:

ROW80LogocopyNo writing is happening, and I have accepted that for this transition period. (We’re moving in January.) I have set down my NaNoWriMo WIP, and I hope to return to it after we’re resettled. There are, however, a lot of writing-related things going on, particularly in the realm of new releases…

The moon is full!

That means it’s time for a new story from

The Cities of Luna.

Lorinda MemeThis month’s story is The Day Lorinda Flew. It’s particularly close to my heart because the main character was partly inspired by my daughter, who has special needs.

Soichi worries about his daughter, Etta Jane, because not only are her bones more delicate than the average Loony child’s, but she has special needs and does not understand many of the simple, everyday dangers such as simply crossing the street. When her idea of teaching chickens to fly turns out to be entirely plausible, Soichi starts to believe that his daughter’s limitations might not be as much of an obstacle as he once thought.

Deluge CoverComing up on November 30 is the release of the third volume in the Biblical Legends Anthology series from Garden Gnome Publications. This is Speculative Fiction at its weirdest, with a Biblical Theme. This time around the antho is Deluge: Stories of Survival & Tragedy in the Great Flood. My Incorporeum stories have appeared in all three anthologies.

In The Immersion of the Incorporeum, Cascade guides and comforts her Beloveds, from Moesha who is watching Noah build an ark to Ondine, Visola, and Nixie who live centuries or even millennia apart. Niloufer, drowning in the catchbasins at the lunar pole, joins them and Cascade prepares to shepherd her toward The Light along with the others. To her surprise, Cascade’s other Beloveds reject Niloufer, insisting that, unlike them, it is not her time to join The Word.

THOPC Cover 10My Urban Fantasy Novella The House on Paladin Court is out in electronic format, and will soon be out in paperback.

Martha, Jonah, and Grandpa Donald have lived in the old farmhouse on Paladin Court far longer than anyone can remember. Little do their neighbors know just how long they’ve lived there, or what is imprisoned in their basement.

The story is told in three parts. The House on Paladin Court, The Bachelor on Paladin Court, and The Baby on Paladin Court. It’s a fun tale of magical beings adapting to live in a modern world.

Logo Banner Guest PostsWith all these releases, and more from The Cities of Luna  every full moon, it’s promo time!

If you’re willing to host me on your blog in mid Decemberish, please let me know. I’m especially interested in:

  • Something regarding kids with special needs to promote The Day Lorinda Flew
  • Something slightly off the wall to promote The Deluge
  • Something lighthearted to promote The House on Paladin Court

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