Clicking My Heels Three Times

An offer was made on the house.

The offer was accepted.

Closing is in January.

CO or bust AnnouncementWe found out last Spring that my parents (who own the house we live in) had decided to put the house on the market. We thought the move would happen last summer, however part of that is hubby finding a job in Colorado, and that hasn’t happened yet.

Long story short: We moved to Vermont in 1996 to be closer to my parents and finish our college degrees. We always planned to return West, hopefully after only 5-10 years. In 2008, my parents retired to the South. Although hubby and I got our Associates’ Degrees ten years ago, he just finished his Bachelor’s this past Spring. The only way to afford the cost of living where we are now has been the low rent we got from my parents. We have to move, and so we’ve decided that this is the right time to return West, where we belong.

Lots of emotions.

I’ve so very happy to finally return to my Colorado home! I’ve been away much, much too long. Twenty-five years since I’ve lived there. The whole family is excited about the move and all the new opportunities we’ll have back West.

There is also sadness, leaving behind the wonderful friends we have here. The church, the schools, all the familiarity will be traded for uncertainty.

There is fear.

Hubby has a wonderful job here in Vermont, and now that he has a Bachelor’s degree he has excellent job prospects. Yet that doesn’t mean it’s easy finding a new job. He’s been knee-deep in Colorado job applications for months now, without being hired. We may have to separate the family for a short time, with me and the girls in Colorado while hubby couch-surfs with friends in Vermont so he can keep his job.

We don’t want to be separated, but we’ll do what we have to do.

We’re exploring options for short-term housing between the house sale and the move to Colorado. Most likely it will be an extended-stay hotel. This gives us the flexibility to move when we’re ready as opposed to signing a six-month lease. It also includes all our needs, so almost everything can go into storage and we don’t need to put new deposits on all the various utilities.

ROW80LogocopySo how does this affect my weekly writing goals?

I’m not exactly giving up on NaNoWriMo, but I am no longer counting on winning.

I’ll be modifying my ROW80 goals to reflect the life change. I might say “I should do some writing every week, even if it’s just a little flash on one day.” This will last through Round One of 2016 as well.

I’m still releasing a new story from The Cities of Luna every full moon. My editor and I work ahead, and I have at least a dozen stories ready for polish, so keeping up with this schedule is not a problem.

The House on Paladin Court is out in e-format, and I hope to put it in print soon. I may work on The Beekeeper’s Mother…I’m hoping to release it next year.

I’m doing a blog-hop to promote both the SciFi and the Urban Fantasy after Thanksgiving. I still have a few open spots in early December if you’re interested in hosting me!


Mordor 2 smallOne Does Not Simply Walk Into Mordor is available now!

LorindaDay Lorinda Flew Comes out around Thanksgiving.

THOPC Cover 10The House on Paladin Court is out in e-format now, and print coming soon.


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6 Responses to Clicking My Heels Three Times

  1. shanjeniah says:

    I’ll joyfully offer you a place amid my Lovely Chaos, AmyBeth!

    And hooray for your move to come! Colorado is beautiful. We’re slowly gearing up for our own move to Oregon’s Willamette Valley from upstate NY (where he’s from, instead of where I am).

    And, BTW, I see your projected ROW80 goals as very reasonable, under the changed circumstances.

  2. abdeahdavis says:

    I think so many of us have gotten to the point where we kind go, “Yeah, I am not winning NaNoWriMo.” But I don’t think it’s all about winning, I think it is more about committing to writing every day. So keep it up, if you’re writing then that is winning!

  3. Colorado is beautiful! I haven’t been there since moving away from Boulder in 1986. We only lived there for 10 months, but I did like it there. 🙂

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