Finding space for everything. Most of my books are, sadly, going to stay boxed in the storage shed.

Finding space for everything. Most of my books are, sadly, going to stay boxed in the storage shed.

I would like to say that the transition is over, that we’ve completed the move and I’ve got a handle on both the current and future writing projects. The truth is we’re still finding places for stuff in the new (tiny) apartment, my husband has not yet found a new job, I’ve barely scratched the surface of the mountain of work to transition The Cities of Luna from my wonderful publisher (who, sadly, closed their doors) to self-pub, and I have not decided which longer project to work on next.

I’m glad for the structure my friends with A Round of Words in 80 Days give me. Instead of feeling like I’m helplessly spinning my wheels, I have the goal of having loose ends tied up for round three in July.

My goals in the meantime are fairly loose. I used to write at least 1k 5-6 times a week, and it was often 2k or more. For now, I’ll be satisfied with writing a few hundred words 3 times a week. I am emphatically pursuing writing opportunities that pique my interest in contests, magazines, and anthologies. I have to prep the files forThe Cities of Luna  so that at the end of June, when they come down, I can put them back up again under my own name. Lastly, I need to decide what novel or novella to work on next. I love my short stories, but I want to have something more substantial out there.

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  1. Beth Camp says:

    Downsizing is never easy: what to let go of? What to keep? And then how to organize so that all feels like home? But with favorite books nearby and clear progress on writing, that apartment will soon feel like home. Transitioning from a publisher to self-publishing can be challenging, but again, one step at a time. I absolutely love the sense of “learning new skills” and “I can fix this myself” that comes with self-publishing, though marketing remains a continuing commitment. One new strategy I’ve seen others use is to put blurbs right before the toc to entice those who are trying to decide whether to buy your Kindle book (they’re using the preview Look Inside). May you have a very good week ahead.

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