February Has Arrived

ROW80 scroll downI had hoped to be finished with Revision 02 of the duology by the end of February. Alas, ’twas not to be. But I’m close. I eliminated a couple of entire scenes, and discovered that with my newly adjusted timeline, Christmas came earlier than I thought. Although the holiday is not a pivotal moment in the plot, it is an important even in this culture, and ignoring it would be very, very strange.

Christmas happens at about the 80% mark. After this, events rapidly snowball and then resolve. I’ve given myself a chapter to insert the ‘what happened over Christmas’ but I might finish revising and then go back to it. I’ll also have to take out the old mention of what happened at Christmas.

I’m doing well with my weekly ROW80 goals. There were a couple of nights when I did hardly any work, but most nights I’ve had butt-in-chair and been working for several hours. With revising-time, it’s difficult to measure progress any way but my time spent working. I might go through 20 pages and hardly change a thing, or I might delete 20 pages and rewrite half of it.

RIVETED, A Novel of the Iron SeasTiffany has started a wizard-themed book club on twitter. The last few books they’ve read, I really wanted to read, but never got around to it. This month’s choice is Riveted by Meljean Brook. It’s the third book in the Iron Seas series…

I’ve started reading the first one. Let’s see if I can finish all three before discussion day at the end of the month. And…let’s see if I can revise SciFi Romance and then write Weird SpecFic whilst reading Steampunk.

I can go back to Steampunk after the duology is query-ready and the Weird Fic is off to my crit partner.

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2 Responses to February Has Arrived

  1. nagrij says:

    Just be careful; don’t want to keep editing until nothing is left! Though in all seriousness, too much revision can kill a book, or rather, an author’s interest in publishing a book. Some sort of publishing anxiety, so I’ve been told.

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