Monkey Princess

Thank goodness for prep work done right!

18 Sheepless in SeattleFor about a year now, I’ve been releasing a short story in The Cities of Luna with every full moon. The schedule has been a mix of stories that were briefly published in 2014 (through a publisher who has since closed their doors) and new stories. With the exception of a few short-shorts which be released for free every now and then, next month’s release Sheepless in Seattle will be the last of the previous-published stories. After that we’re all new, with an all new editor and the freedom to take the stories anywhere I want.

This was the first week of school for my kids. We’re all getting used to the new schedule. I attended a workshop on Navigating Goodreads last Saturday, and another on Marketing Like a Maniac last night. I woke up this morning to several readers telling me how much they liked Monkey Princess, which came out today.

I’d kinda forgotten the full moon was coming up.

Fortunately, I’d already loaded the story for pre-order a week or so ago. Everything went through without a hitch, which is a wonderful feeling when you’re self-pubbing. My goal is to always be ready to upload the next full moon’s story the day after each one comes out.

Tonight, I’m working on transcribing The Squirrels Are Back in the Attic, which is currently hand-written. I’m not sure whether that counts as actual-writing for my ROW80 goals, or whether it’s writing-related. Either way, it needs to be done.

My moon stories are not about saving the world or fighting aliens. They’re about the people who make their lives in the cities on the moon. This month’s story, Monkey Princess, is for dads with daughters, especially those whose little girls are growing up too fast.

It’s on Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Kobo, Smashwords, and Apple.
17 Monkey Princess

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5 Responses to Monkey Princess

  1. Eden says:

    Definite cheers on prep done right! There are always those “I can’t think about this right now” days… It’s nice when you don’t HAVE to think about it, because it was already finished.

    Wish I could do that somewhat with my blogging…. 😉

    Congrats on happy readers!

  2. shanjeniah says:

    Oh! I KNOW a dad with a daughter growing up at just the right rate for her, but maybe a little too fast for his sensibilities!

    And hooray for that prep work. I have a couple of these stories, and plan to read them….eventually! When I, you know, finish all those Other Things….

    I’m learning a lot from reading your adventures in publishing, AmyBeth, so thank you so much for sharing!

  3. ReGi McClain says:

    I always count transcribing as writing. Because you can’t format it for a book until you’ve got it in the computer.

    I love this idea of a publishing every full moon. Love it. Mostly because it’s kind of a creative timeline to shoot for. I don’t think I could bang out, get betas, revise, polish, and edit anything that quickly, but I really like the idea of being able to. One of my series has officially been demoted to a single novel with lots and lots of satellite flash fiction to novella length pieces that happen before, after, or during the novel. I wonder if I could get myself set up to release on a tight schedule like you are…

  4. These stories sound like so much fun. I really like the idea of publishing one with each full moon, especially given the theme of the stories. Monkey Princess looks like such a fun read. Looking forward to reading it!

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