Han Shot First

When I first started my blog, I planned to carefully type every post into MS Word, proofread it carefully, and then copy and paste it into a well formatted blog entry.

That lasted a day.

I do sometimes start with a word processed document, especially if I have an interview or a piece of fiction. But most posts, like this one, I just type directly in. The idea of a blog, after all, is that it is a “web log”; it is off the cuff and doesn’t necessarily get the proofreading and editing that a more polished piece should.

It’s also reassuring that, even after I hit the “publish” button, I can always go back and change anything I want. There have been several times I’ve published something on the blog knowing that I would be going back in later to fix it!

My beloved Star Wars was remastered and rereleased decades after they were originally made available to the public. The creators added in a few goodies, like seeing Han Solo speak directly to a new CGI version of Jabba the Hut. They also decided to remake the Cantina scene where Han shoots Greedo, making it look like Greedo shot first.

The idea is that, since Han Solo is a good guy, he would not have shot first. So they used the wonderful new technology we have to redo the scene so that Greedo shoots first, and misses, and then Han shoots him. In the original, Han shot Greedo under the table before the bounty hunter  ever had a chance.

The fan outrage was huge! Adding in a few scenes and improving some special effects was one thing, but saying that Greedo missed, just to make Han look like a good guy? Hell no! Han is a badass! One of the most import aspects of the whole epic was the character arc that took Han from a scruffy, nerfherding smuggler to a hero of the alliance!

I wonder if the great authors of yesteryear ever wished they could go back and fix something? I love the Oz books by L. Frank Baum, but the inconsistencies are too many to count, even for fantasy. I wonder if that ever bothered him?

I hope to be published someday. I’d love to be able to walk into a bookstore and see my story in actual print, bound in paper and ink. Before then, I plan and expect many rounds of proofreading and editing and revising so that it is the best story it can possibly be.

In the meantime, I’ll have fun with the blog. It’s much more fun when I know I can go back at any time and fiddle with it!

Things could have been very different for Star Wars.  “What if Greedo Really Shot First?

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99 Responses to Han Shot First

  1. Alaric Rays says:

    The power of the almighty Edit tool is indeed amazing. But I also understand exactly what you mean about the fact that these are blogs, and while they aren’t necessarily supposed to have the fine look of a published piece, it is still nice to have the ability to fix screw-ups. Especially if they are super annoying like their, there, they’re or something of that ilk.
    As far as Star Wars goes, I don’t think that they should have added that Han scene in. But that comes from perspective I suppose. Star Wars is a very Black/White moral movie. There are really no ‘grey’ characters at least in the movies, the books go some other directions depending on the author, but the movies are very black/white for sure. I think that that type of story has some good points, mainly for children, but sometimes just because as well. But all in all I like the feel of books that have morally grey characters better. It allows you to better relate to a somebody who doesn’t always make the right choice or do the right thing or save the princess. George RR Martin is a good example of somebody that makes those characters, but there are many others as well. Either way, good post, I enjoyed. Best of luck on the writing! And hells yeah to being a Sci-Fi lady.

    • Alaric:
      I’m glad you stopped by and left a comment! I absolutely agree that they should not have tried to make it look like Greedo shot first. I also agree about the grey characters; I love to read a story where I feel strongly about both sides of the conflict, as opposed to simply rooting for the clear hero.
      I stopped reading the Star Wars books after they became so popular that anyone and everyone seemed to be writing them. There are authors I like, and authors I don’t. One in particular had the reader try to follow three groups of good guys and two groups of bad guys, all on different planets or ships, till finally bringing them all together in the end! That did it for me.

      I’m curious about how you found this post? It was my first experiment with scheduled publishing. I wrote it last night, then told WordPress to make it available on Mother’s Day while I was out with my family. I haven’t even promoted it yet!

  2. Alaric Rays says:

    I’m a super creepy stalker. Ha. Nah, I am a geek though, and I was using the ‘tag surfer’ tool, and this post happened to pop up, I believe due to the ‘writing’ tag shared in common. Aaaaand being the geek that I am I had to read the Star Wars post.. and the rest is as we say, history eh? Do we still say that? Hm

    • Yes we do!
      I think the bots are surfing tags too. I usually get about one spam a day, but I’ve got 20 since I put up this post lol!

      Nice to know you’re a real person! All my best friends are geeks.

  3. Alaric Rays says:

    Yeah, I’ve gotten a couple spam as well. But hey, I am all about trying to do the community-esque thing and throwing ideas back and forth. So I will follow yours and try to be insightful if at all possible. And if you want, feel free to peruse mine and offer what you may as well. Also there is another author I’ve been following @ frankcbishop.com

    I look forward to trying to get any sort of feedback and talking back and forth. It’s tough trying to find people that are actually willing to talk, which is silly considering.. well.. you know.. they have a blog.

    • I was interested to see that your background is the same one I use on the other part of my blog, “Under Loch & Key” where I put pieces of fiction!
      I look forward to exploring!

      And if you’re looking for more give & take, have you tried twitter? The writing community of twitter is VERY active!

  4. Alaric Rays says:

    I’ve not really done the twitter thing. I just don’t know how interesting I could be that often ha.

  5. The nice thing about twitter is that it is perfectly acceptable to “stalk” everyone else and never actually jump into the conversation lol! You can sign up, pick a few interesting people to follow, and just wade in. Don’t expect too many people to follow you right away. Relationships grow as you go. It’s kind of like being in a huge cocktail lounge.
    I have writer friends on facebook and in the blogosphere, but twitter eclipses them both by far. I love facebook for social stuff with all kinds of friends and family, and this blog is great to “establish an internet presence” as a writer working towards publication. But twitter rules them all for writers.
    If you do take the plunge, look me up. My user name is USNessie, and it’s attached to my real name, AmyBeth Fredricksen. If you look for celebrities, look for a blue check next to their name. That lets you know they have been verified, and it really is them and not some deranged fan lol!

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