Interview With Lizz Porter

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The short version of Lizz’s bio:

Heh. The short version. Thing number one, I’m tall. I’ve been told I should have a warning on my blog, so here it is! I am taller in real life than I appear on the internet.

Other than that, I’m a graphic designer who plays photographer and writer in my free time, and I adore my husband Jamie and our kiddo, Max.

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1. Are you a funny girl?

The official answer is: I think I have my moments, but really, I think I’m funnier in real life than I am in writing. Funny on purpose is HARD!

2. Where did you come up with the name for your blog?

 People have told me I’m funny, and my husband is the funniest person I know, so I’m always trying to outfunny him, or at least make him laugh as hard as he makes me laugh. So, I try.

3. For young people hoping to meet their soul mate, what summer camp would you recommend they attend?

 Heh. Of the 10 couples/families we hang out with on a regular basis, we’ve known at least one of the couple since those high school summer camp days. And of those 10 couples, 3 others have stories very similar to ours. 🙂 You know those Episcopalians, letting teenagers run rampant at church camp! 😉

4. What’s the worst or most common visual mistake new bloggers tend to make when setting up their site?

 Focusing too much on the look of it and not enough on content. The most beautiful blog in the world isn’t going to do anything if there’s no content. What’s the point of decorating for a party if you aren’t inviting anyone?

5. What kind of graphic design work do you do besides helping other bloggers?

 I actually need to update my bio! I’m no longer a graphic designer by day; I got a new job last month and am now a Social Media/Community Manager for an awesome app called Life360! But I’ll always do design on the side; it’s in my blood. I love creating paper goods for parties and celebrations. I just did a gorgeous (if I say so myself!) invite for a friend’s wedding that was inspired by an old vaudeville poster!

6. What are your favorite photographic subjects?

 Willing ones. The biggest hurdle in my photography is finding people to shoot! I’m always harassing friends to let me shoot them… I actually just today came up with a personal art project I want to start doing, but I’m not ready to talk about it yet. (Sorry!)

7. What concerns should bloggers keep in mind when they want to use an image on their blog, but it’s not in the public domain?

 Just because something’s on the internet doesn’t make it free to use. Just because you say “Image from Flickr” or something does not grant you permission to use it! Here’s something a blogger is going through right now:

And, if you find a photo you’d love to use, email the photographer! You never know, they just might say yes!

8. Have you ever designed a book cover?

 Only for school projects and in my mind… I design covers in my head for every story I write. Album covers too, if I ever decided to become a rock star. (That’s what I mean by design is in my blood! I can’t help it!)

9. What’s the difference between a writer and a blogger?

 Oooh… making me think now! I think a lot of it is intent. All bloggers are writers, but not all writers are bloggers. Someone who keeps a blog for the purpose of a journal, they’re a writer. The blogger aspect (to me) is more about the big picture. You write, yes, but the community, the interaction, the relationships, that’s as much a part of the blogging as the actual words.

10. What’s the difference in your writing and your blogging?

 My blogging is often just a basic rundown of the events; I made cookies, here’s a step-by-step. I write letters to Max, or document his day to day, just to get it down. Writing, like capital W Writing, is about the story. Whether fiction or non. The Writing takes more of a scenic route to get to the point than blogging..

11. What genres do you write? Would you consider trying others?

 I write a lot of what I would classify as chick lit, but only in short form. The longest I’ve ever stuck with a story is only 3 or 4 parts I think, for Write on Edge… I’ve never thought about it, to be honest. I read lots of genres, but can’t even wrap my brain around writing fantasy or sci-fi. Naming characters is one of the biggest challenges for me, so I can’t even imagine trying to create and name an entire world!

12. What is the most persistent distraction from writing?

 Life. My 4 year old and my job. I do what I can, but also can’t ignore the commitments that are tugging on me constantly. The best part about my new job is that I have an hour train ride each way that I can read or write every day! I just need to get back into the practice of it.

13. Do you always transpose the writing that you do longhand, or does it sometimes just remain handwriting on paper?

 No, not always. I’ve got loads of unfinished, handwritten notebooks of ideas and non-fleshed out plotlines. I also don’t *always* start out on paper; for Writing I usually do, but Blogging is often straight into the computer.

14. Are you actively seeking publication, or do you just write for your own enjoyment?

 I just write because I love it. Not saying that if someone offered to publish me I’d turn them down, but it isn’t even really a goal I’ve thought to set for myself. I have lots of other things I’d like to do, that are more important to me, before publishing is a goal.

15. How long have you been linking up with Write On Edge?

 Year and a half, maybe? When it was still the Red Dress Club, for sure. I think I started in January or February 2011?

16. What is your favorite electronic or digital writing tool?

 My MacBook Pro. It’s my baby.

17. What is your favorite non-electronic writing tool?

 A good rollerball pen and a new legal pad.

18. What is your ideal writing environment? Have you ever been able to create it?

 A comfy chair where I can write on my lap; curl my legs up under me, and just write. I’d love a window with a gorgeous view that I could gaze out of for inspiration (mountains, beach, whatever) I’ve never actually been able to create it, but I make do on my couch!

19. Who’d you rather have as a personal assistant: Rose, Martha, Donna, Amy, or Sarah-Jane?

 Amy. I have a mad girlcrush on her right now. My all-time favorite companion for sure.

20. Who shot first, Han or Greedo?

Han. And you have to go listen to this song:

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