Interview with Cynthia Racette

Racette CynthiaCynthia Racette has been writing all her life, as a newspaper reporter, editor and novelist. She even asked for (and received) a play typewriter for Christmas when she was about ten.

To be near her children and granddaughters, she and her newly retired hubby, moved to the Buffalo, NY area. Through her daughter, who is also a writer, she got hooked up with RWA (Romance Writers of America) and good things started to happen.

She is now writing more novels, taking lots of trips and relaxing by the pool on gorgeous summer days in Western, NY.

1.       I’m 42 and still feel squeamish when I think that my mother might read one of my stories that (GASP!) contains sexual content. Has this ever been an issue between you and your daughter?

A: To a certain extent. I do feel a little uncomfortable when I read her sex scenes. I did so especially at the beginning but I got used to it. Her father refuses to read one because she’s, well, his little girl. But I want to read everything she writes because she’s an excellent writer and I’m so proud of her. I influenced her to love writing and I love to see how that paid off. She’s very ambitious and she’s going places, that girl.

2.       What about the novels with BDSM?

A: Admittedly, that was a little harder to take but she does it so well I enjoy it anyway and try not to think about how she used to throw fits or stomp around when she was little.

3.       Do you find the phrase “BDSM holiday-themed novella” as funny as I do? Seriously. I laughed. I was tweeting that all over the place.

A: Absolutely! I asked her outright how a BDSM could be a Christmas novella and she said there was mention of some Christmas-related things. I shook my head and said, “Whatever.”

4.       Have you ever taken one of Cassandra’s writing workshops?

A: Yes. She gave her lesson on marketing and branding to our RWA group a while back. I think the reception she got for that was her impetus for making it into a regular course to offer on the net. It was the first one she did. She’s very good at that one because she was a marketing person before she started writing full time.

5.       What is your favorite novel of Cassandra’s?

A: I think Caught was my favorite. One thing Cassandra always does that sets her apart from many other erotic romance writers, is that she concentrates on the romance aspects and the sex comes from that. The romance often gets short shrift in other authors’ book, but not in Cassandra’s. She’s a romantic at heart.

Racette Windswept_8506.       What is Cassandra’s favorite novel of yours?

A: I think probably the one releasing late this spring, Uncharted Fate. It’s about a woman whose life goes into a tailspin when her husband is killed suddenly in a car wreck. I know she liked Windswept, my debut, too, but I don’t think I ever asked her if she had a preference.

7.       In my September 2011 interview with Cassandra, her debut novel Talk to Me was only a few months old. How many books have there been since then?

A: Oh, I lose track. She’s such a prolific writer– she writes fast (and types fast) and works long hours. I think it’s somewhere like ten but she also has some short stories added on to that. I have one novel and two short stories and soon will have two novels and three ss.

Cassandra Carr's Buckin' Bull Riders series

Cassandra Carr’s Buckin’ Bull Riders series

8.       Have you ever mistakenly called your daughter by her pseudonym when she’s around family or called her by her real name when she’s at a book event?

A: I’ve never called her by her pen name anywhere else but I have caught myself almost calling her by her real name in book events and on FB. I used to do it more often but she called and “reminded” me a few times. It still feels weird though.

9.       Did you consider using a pseudonym?

A: No, my books are contemporary romance and women’s fiction so there was no need. The short story I wrote for the anthology we both did I used Cindy Carr because the sex was a little more erotic and we wanted both our names on there to match.

Racette Carr LI books montage10.   How do you think your experience as a newspaper reporter influenced your daughter to become a writer?

A: She saw me writing stories and she wanted to as well. But that was later. I’ve been writing novels since she was little, even though nothing ever sold and that’s what she liked– stories. I was always writing stories and she wanted to write her own stories. I’d help her make them better and she was proud of them.

11.   How did your daughter’s success as a writer influence you to write fiction?

A: See above. LOL  I wrote the fiction first. I know that’s probably not evident in my bio, but she copied me, not vice versa. But she has far surpassed me as a writer now.

12.   Would you and Cassandra consider collaborating on a novel?

A: I’ve asked her but she’s so busy at the moment she doesn’t have time. That would be my dream after our shared history but not yet. The closest we’ve gotten is an anthology called Close Contact where she and I both wrote short stories.

Racette and Carr13.   Where did Cassandra get her love for hockey?

A: Our family has always loved hockey and we used to have season’s tickets to the AHL affiliate in Binghamton, NY.

14.   Isn’t Buffalo awfully darn cold?

A: It is, but not as bad as it’s reputation would lead you to believe. Many of our friends couldn’t believe we were retiring to Buffalo instead of FL. But family is very important to us and our two daughters and young grandchildren were there. We do spend March in FL to get some sun but spring, summer, and fall are beautiful in Buffalo.

15.   Do you often tweet in French?

A: Say what?

16.   Would you wear a corset if the party theme called for it?

A: If someone held a gun to my head. I’m a little old for corsets. Cassandra looks good in one though.

17.   Cassandra refers to her daughter as “Too Cute for Words.” Is this accurate, or is she biased?

A: Oh, totally accurate! She’s a sweet little dark blond imp with sparkling eyes and a smile on her lips. Smart as the dickens and she asks the most amazing questions– questions that make you wonder why on earth a four year old is even thinking about that! She loves her grandma and papa, especially papa because he babysits her Fridays so Mom and Grandma can go write at the cafe for the day. I love those sessions and we both get a lot done.

18.   What’s your favorite digital or electronic writing tool?

A: My laptop, exclusively. I don’t go anywhere without it and even have it down here in FL with me so I can do some writing.

19.   What’s your favorite non-electronic writing tool?

A: I wrote my first book, longhand, in a large notebook I bought for the purpose and then we bought a Commodore 64. I had to get used to the keyboard but now use it exclusively.

20.   Who shot first, Han or Greedo?

A: My daughter said to say Han. Is this a Star Wars thing or what? If so, Han Solo was a dude and a half.

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  1. Thank you for giving me an opportunity to rave about my girl!

    • You’re both great!

      Oh… and a footnote about the “Tweet in French” question…
      I ~thought~ I was looking at your twitter feed, and there was indeed a lot of French… but after I sent the questions I realized I had the wrong person lol! But I left the question in anyway.

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