Interview With Rob Fredricksen

Rob Fredricksen is the long suffering and ever loving husband of yours truly. Super Info Tech guy by day, he’s a wonderful Daddy to our two girls and even keeps a basket-full of toys in his office for when they come to visit him at work. We’ve been married for almost seventeen years, and I wouldn’t trade a single day.


1) Did you know I was one of those writer-types when we got married?

No… friends told me that you were a Trekkie, and that you liked going to Renaissance Faires. They even spun some kind of story about you throwing hatchets and being really good, but that was a lie. By the time we got married, the only writing you’d done was that Star Trek cartoon you did.

2) When did you figure out that I was a writer?

When you tested out of English at VTC. You’d done something about mud in your toes, and tested out of every English requirement at the college, which people had told me was impossible to do. That’s when I figured out that you were probably a pretty good writer.

3) Does it annoy you when I correct your grammar and spelling?

Sometimes. Not always.

4) What went through your head back in November 2010 when I told you I wanted to do NaNoWriMo?

I felt you could do it. You’d already written one book, and it didn’t seem to me that it was going to be too killer to pull off. So I spent a lot of time with our little ones, so Mommy had time to write her book. That’s hard sometimes, especially as the little one can be very demanding about getting Mommy Time. It really feels like your novel writing is a team effort, as I’m taking care of so many things while you’re writing.

5) Do you remember the one condition you put on your agreement to do more “Mommy stuff” while I wrote?

I said that this time you had to send something to a publisher or agent. My mother wrote so much stuff, and never did anything with it.

6) What do you think your mother was writing about?

She told me once that a lot of her stories were a lot like soap operas. I never actually saw any of the stories, which is really sad. As she neared the end of her life, she destroyed everything. She was afraid of being judged. For all we know, she wrote one of the best books ever written, but we’ll never know, and that’s really sad.

7) Do you think if your mother had survived the cancer that she would have ever sent something to a publisher?

I don’t think so. She was so fearful of what other people thought, that she never would have done it. I do know that when she was in High School, her writing was really good and she did a lot. But the fear of being judged… she had to be sure no one would ever.

8) Do you like it when I read a scene from my Work in Progress out loud to you?

Yes! For two reasons. The story is always good, and I love to see how excited you get when you read the story to me, because I can see how proud you are of what you’ve done.

9) Even when it’s a sex scene?

Oh yeah. Your first book that will never see the light of day was a very fun and exciting book. It’s a shame; it’s a hot book and was written while you were on fertility drugs, and that made it extra spicy, like something you’d find in the pages of Hustler, not a romance novel!

10) How did you survive when I did the #3DayNovel Weekend?

I think I did OK… we ate out a lot, but I did a couple meals at home. I don’t think it was that bad.

11) What went through your mind when I said I wanted to do NaNoWriMo again, and a year later I still hadn’t sent anything to an agent?

You had told me the first novel (long ago…the one that will never be seen…) was a wash because of the medicine. The children’s novels were not done far enough to publish, so you needed another solid good book. One that was good enough to turn in. And with the ones that you wrote during that year, you told me that they weren’t good “first novels” for your series. So I was OK with the fact that you hadn’t sent anything out yet.

12) What’s your most romantic memory in our seventeen years together?

Valentines Day before we were married. I had come over to spend time with you, and as it started getting late, we were cuddling on the bean bag in your living room (you didn’t have much furniture) and we ended up spending the night, sleeping there on the living room floor with our heads on the beanbag, talking and snuggling.

13) What did you find sexiest about me when we were first dating?

That’s kind of hard, because I know your Mom’s going to read this, but the first time I saw you, definitely the neckline on your dress.

14) After almost seventeen years of marriage, what do you find sexiest about me now?

Your very sharp, quick wit, and your sense of imagination.

15) If my wit is so sexy, why do I always catch you staring at my chest?

You know, when men get older, sometimes we have neck problems…

No, seriously. Remember the part about the low neckline? *ahem*

16) What was I doing when you came home from work today?

You were upstairs working on your new aluminum foil hat.

17) Are you jealous I didn’t make you one?

Nope! But I was quite surprised to find our 4yo had one too.

18) If I ever get to go to some writing event, will you be my arm candy?

Yup. I’m looking forward to it. I can’t wait; I’ll get to see all the other hubbies there. I hope there’s a lounge where we can all sit.

19) What if it’s a SciFi event, not a Romance event?

I’d be quite at home there! We used to go to conventions.

20) Who shot first, Han or Greedo?

I know, from the VHS, and from going to watch the original film at the drive-in theater as a child, that Han short first. Lately, I saw an article where George himself claimed that Han shot last, and that’s the way it’s always been. But I know, from the original movie I watched, that Han shot first. I believe that it’s about the redemption of Han Solo. That being with Luke took him so far towards being a good guy. Han Solo started his life as a shuttle pilot for the Empire. And after seeing how the Wookies were treated, he rescued Chewy and left the Empire, taking Chewy with him. And the only real work that he could get was being a pirate.

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