Interview with Jasmine Pierce

 Jasmine 01Jasmine performs Stand-Up Comedy all around NYC, including venues such as Gotham Comedy Club and Broadway Comedy Club! She also has training from the Upright Citizens Brigade in sketch writing.

She is a member of SAG-AFTRA and works as an actress in both Film/TV and Theatre. She holds a BFA with honors in Theatre from New York University and, before that, attended the School for Creative and Performing Arts as a Drama Major for 9 years and a Writing Major for 6 years.

SciFi fans will recognize her as Lieutenant Uhura in Star Trek: Phase II

1.       What was the biggest culture shock when you moved from Ohio to NYC?

The biggest shock was to my debit card. When SOHO is between your home and classes every day, life changes.

Jasmine 022.       Which requires more preparation on your part: acting in a scene on film, acting in a scene on stage, or live comedy?

I hope to be fully committed to every performance I give, so I wouldn’t say there’s a different amount of preparation, just different types. In all situations, I have to prepare the text. For comedy, I have to write and test out the text on my own. For any scene, I have to explore and embody a character that someone else has already created. Each project has a set of diverse and exciting challenges.

3.       Have you worked any Star Trek into your comedy?

I wrote an all-Trek set to perform while I was in Port Henry! Unfortunately there wasn’t enough time, but maybe next shoot.

4.       Have you worked any comedy into your Star Trek?

I think I’m subconsciously always looking to be as funny as possible within my boundaries. But mostly, I think we utilize comedy to get us through the shooting days that sometimes last until 6am!

5.       Have you ever asked Fez a Star Trek question he could not answer?

I haven’t yet dared, but now I have a mission.

6.       What was your impression the first time you walked into the tiny studio in Port Henry to film Star Trek: Phase II?

The moment I walked into the studio, everyone was so sweet and welcoming, which is so comforting when you’re taking on such an iconic role.

Jasmine 037.       What’s your opinion of the Classic Trek female officers’ mini-skirt uniform?

I love a good fashion statement and I love my red dress, but I think I made one thing clear on set: Just ONCE can Uhura sit comfortably in a nice pair of sparkly pants? Please, James, please??

8.       How much of an actor’s time is spent sitting around in full make-up waiting for everything to be ready?

Most of it! I like to take a little nap and look over lines while I have the time, but it can be daunting not to mess up your make-up and hair.

9.       What’s the strangest thing you’ve ever witnessed during a Star Trek: Phase II shoot?

Charles Root, Jr.

10.   What’s the strangest experience you’ve ever had in your acting career?

If you’ve ever been around a large group of unattended actors, you know that the strangest things that happen can never be spoken of again. Aside from those extraordinary times, it’s all been pretty strange since I’ve played a lot of animals and prostitutes.

Once, though, I played the title character in a play called “Dora, Why Can’t You Sit Still?” (It’s not THAT Dora, but it was a children’s play.) For months afterward, I got approached by children who had seen the play who were so excited to see Dora! That was great that I could light up their faces like that, but so strange to suddenly be a little famous.

11.   If you were to go on Whose Line Is It, Anyway?  which pros would you want up there with you?

That would be such a dream, I’d want all of them! I grew up idolizing Colin, Brad, and Wayne, so I’d like to keep it classic with them.

12.   If you were to go on Dancing With the Stars which pro partner would you want?

The tallest guy with dark hair and a six pack.

13.   What is your best outlet or venue for writing sketch comedy?

The train. So many jokes come to me when my mind has time to wander.

14.   What is your favorite electronic or digital writing tool?

I use Celtx to write sketches and my plain old iPhone Notes to write stand up.

15.   What is your favorite non-electronic writing tool?

I buy very specific notebooks and pens from Muji. Words don’t feel right without them.

16.   Do you use social media to promote your career?

Contstantly. My website,, will be up and running over this weekend and I love to try out my jokes on Twitter. I promote all upcoming shows on my Facebook Page:

I’m on Twitter, Instagram, Vine, and everything as JasmineComedy!

17.   Have you always wanted to be on stage?

Yes, but I didn’t always know it. I began at my arts school when I was 9 and the moment I stepped on stage the first time, I just felt comfortable. Now, I always feel safest in really bright lights.

18.   Did you see the Cheerios commercial where the Mom and Dad (LeGasp!) have different skin colors?

I did and I couldn’t love it more! Growing up biracial was never alarming for me. My parents explained it to me plainly, so it just felt like I was lucky to be able to relate to more than one group. Plus, that little girl is a heart-breaker!

19.   Did you see the Cheerios commercial where the bee doesn’t realize the woman is an entomologist?

No, that one sounds like a nightmare.

20.   Who shot first, Han or Greedo?

I want to say that growing up, my idols were Einstein and Shakespeare. I have the nerd in me. Unfortunately, I cannot get into Star Wars, which must be why I’m single.

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