Angel Baby

Angel snugglesWe lost a beloved pet on Monday. Angel kitty was nineteen years old; he was my first “real” pet from when I had my first apartment back in the early nineties. He’s been somewhat decrepit for the past year or so, and over the weekend he took a turn for the worse. Heartbreaking, but it gave us a few days to spoil him with love and cuddles until he quietly slipped away.

As I prepared to write my ROW80 update today (yikes! It’s after midnight! That means Wednesday was yesterday!) I realized that I really hadn’t done so well. I’ve set my actual writing goal rather low and I made that just by participating in a few flashes.

The other two goals weren’t so great.

Doing something to help another writer: Well, OK, I think I did this because a friend asked for advice and I sent her a very personalized but concise reply about how to proceed. However I still have many chapters of editing to do for another friend, and I haven’t sent him one in over a week. I need to get that done.

Doing something towards reorganizing: I only did a bit of updating to my Access database. I also did a little organizing of family photos and kids’ school papers, but those two things do not count towards writing goals even though they are important.

It’s weeks like this that make me actually glad that I do not yet have a writing contract. I really do think that the past couple of years have been a good preparation for my career, but I can’t truly take off until I have both kids in school and some updated organization. (I’m generally a pretty organized person, but the way things are organized needs to be regularly updated.)

Then again, I know that it is a normal human fallacy to say “Things will be better when _____!” So I’m scared. I thought things would improve when my youngest went to PreSchool last year, but… well, actually they did improve! And they’ll get even better. I have faith.

Felt Tips is out in Print!

FT final coverThis anthology of office-supply erotica edited by the gregarious Tiffany Reisz came out last December in e-format, and is now available in print. My short story In the Closet appears in this volume. It’s all for charity… proceeds go to charities that provide school supplies for kids and another that provides professional clothing for adults who are interviewing for jobs.

As of tonight, it’s just on Createspace, but look for it from Amazon and other outlets soon.

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A writer by birth, a redhead by choice.
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1 Response to Angel Baby

  1. Eden Mabee says:


    Losing a kitty friend is… heartbreaking. And to lose an old friend, no matter what the species creates a hole in our lives, even when we know the loss is coming and get the chance to say “Good-bye”.

    Give the writing a moment to come back. Keep writing, but allow yourself a chance to grieve… grieve through your words. It will help in both ways.

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