Interview With MissRiva

MissRiva Rocker, AKA Riva Gijanto-Burris is a model, actress, and photographer with a plethora of other creative skills to her credit. She is seen regularly on this blog as the face behind Ruby, one of the main characters in my SciFi serial Synaesthesia. Fans of Star Trek Phase II know her as Ensign Zahra, communications officer. MissRiva has naturally Vulcan eyebrows.

1.       I never know whether to say “Guy-jan-toe” or some other pronunciation.  How do you say your last name?

Ha-ha it’s pronounced “Ja-jan-toe”

2.       When did you start using the name “MissRiva Rocker”?

MissRiva was a name given to me working as a house keeper actually! My boss used to call me MissRiva! So I just went with it! Rocker just came from the new business I’m am trying to put together called “DreamXtreme featuring the RockerGirls and taking on the name Rocker”!

3.       How long have you been modeling?

I have been modeling for 6 years.

4.       What goals do you have regarding your modeling career?

I do not have any goals set for I enjoy as a hobby. I pick and choose my jobs when I am offered them. But I consider it a part time job right now, it pays!

5.       Who are the Rocker Girls?

The RockerGirls come from my new business “DreamXtreme“. The RockerGirls are the women working under the business. They would be hired for modeling, acting, promoting, dancing, background extras, photo shoots and are hired mainly for their tattoos and piercings. It’s where the “RockerGirl” kicks in. The hair, the clothes, tattoos and piercings all in which bring back the Rock in the “RockerGirls”.  Agencies and people frown upon and look down on these types of women. I want to give women a chance to stand out and take over the industry instead of agencies picking those who are 5’9, fresh looking and skinny. This company will be very simular to “Suicide Girls“. Same concept and role.

6.       How do you handle those who ask you to show more skin and less clothing? 

Well first off, on any modeling site I am located on, my intro will normally start with “I DO NOT DO NUDES OR IMPLIED”. So if someone asks me to do either, I know they have not read my “About me” section. So I do not reply because to me they clearly are not a pro considering they never took the time to read highlights about myself when it comes to shooting with me. If they pressure me then I just block them. However I have always believed you should never feel like you’re obligated to take them off for whatever the reason is. It’s sad however because it’s women who take off their clothes that always seem to get the better jobs. Men want skin, and they choose who will show it. I think it doesn’t say much for men. But those who choose to take off their clothes, well that’s their choice. I just turn my head. Men who want women to take off their clothes, well that’s just gross. Some of it done by pros anyway seems more tasteful, but you can tell when a photographer is not a pro because the photos look like crap! Most women don’t even know who they are taking their clothes off for. Anyone can pick up a camera. Criminals, rapist, sick minded people. You can’t tell me that the man taking photos of you bending over naked is not having a dirty thought and getting turned on?! Come on now, if you don’t think like that then you can find yourself in missing in action. I don’t frown upon everybody, but for the most part I do.   

7.       How does having tattoos affect your modeling career?

Agency wise, they are always looking for clean cut people to work for them. I have had plenty of job offers that required me going in with a clean slate. But when I explain to them why it is I am turning down their offer, they simply don’t care enough to work with or around my art so they quickly find someone to replace me. It’s the industry, it’s much like being racist I think.

8.       How many tattoos do you have? What are they?  

I have 7 tattoos. A sleeve of a dragon on my left arm, a small dragon on my upper left arm, my zodiac sign on my inner left wrist, a butterfly tribal on my lower back, my name in wings on the back of my neck, and a butterfly on each breast.

9.       How does your photography fit in with the modeling?

I have learned a lot from modeling, from the pros in the industry. Photographers taught me a lot verbally but mainly by watching them when they were working with me. So after a while when I would snap photos I was like “Hey I like these!” It started as a hobby like anything else and I was amazed on how quickly my newly discovered talent improved. So now I shoot everything, from landscape, to families, to models. From random shoots to portfolio build ups. So now I am constantly being requested for all my natural talents. I stay pretty busy, but it is a lot of fun!

10.   How did you get involved with Star Trek Phase 2?  

Actually I was working at Walmart 6 years ago, and met a guy named Patrick. We became good friends and shared our interests together a lot when working. I told Patrick one day that I wanted to get in the industry and model and acting. So Patrick then went about telling me that he was currently with a production called “Star Trek New Voyages”. He asked me if I knew James Cawley and of course I did but not personally anyway. So Patrick asked me to come up because they were looking for extras to play in the background at the time, so I did. I went up to Port Henry to the STNV set and Patrick introduced me to James. I was nervous but James went on how he knew my parents and went to school with them. That actually made me feel more comfortable because believe it or not I was really shy back in them days. Then he provided me with wardrobe and immediately after I was put on set. At that moment I was in love with the set, and being up there and meeting great people. Everyone was and still are so nice to me and treated me like family. 6 years later we still hold a tight bond.

Gasp! Vulcans and Klingons! Snuggling!

11.   How did the character of Ensign Zarha come about?  Which episodes is she in?

I was asked to play a communications officer and to come up with my own name. So I did just that! I picked my own character name and it’s stuck ever since. Ensign Zahra can be seen as the communications officer on the bridge in the episode “Star Trek New Voyages” “The Child”.

12.   What other characters have you played in STP2? Have you ever played an alien?

My character is a vulcan and I also play as a extra which I also play as a vulcan. However I have never wore the ears. It’s the eyebrows that give it away! No I have never played an alien but maybe someday I will, we will see what the future brings!

13.   You’ve been in front of the camera and behind it in STP2. What’s your favorite behind-the-scenes role?

Photography and Makeup artist.

Nope. Not Riva! That's me in the Green Room

14.   What’s the most unusual thing you’ve ever seen in the Green Room?

Ha-ha maybe powdered someone’s face!

15.   What is your favorite episode of STP2 to watch?

Truth is I don’t have a favorite. I really enjoy and love them all. Everyone has worked so hard to be there and put their time and effort into every episode that I could never pick just one. I think they are all great. They are all my favorites!

16.   Have you done any other acting? Would you like to?

Besides for STP2. I would love to do more acting and get more involved with other films as well. I have a few coming up before the end of the year. Yes I have done more jobs then acting. I have many jobs. I model, act, make-up artist, hair stylist, photography, dance, and sing, you name it!

17.   What’s the most romantic thing your husband has ever done for you?

That’s hard to say because he has done so many romantic things for me! I would have to say the time I went to stay with my older sister for a few days. She and I went to the beach with my nieces and nephew for the day. We headed back home to make dinner, when we pulled up t her driveway and there was a woman standing in her driveway. We get out of the veichle when the woman says “is there a Riva here”?! I said “that’s me”! She then handed me a huge beautiful vase filled with more then a dozen beautifully colored roses and flowers with a little card sticking out of it. I could hear the “awww” in the back of me. The little card read ” I love you and I miss you very much, love your husband”. I nearly died, I thought it was adorbale! A guy has never sent flowers to me before so I thought this was just great! But the list of romantic things my husband has done for me keep going, he is an incredible guy!

18.   Were you really flattered when I asked if I could use your photo to illustrate a story? Or did you just think I was nuts?

Ha-ha Both! I thought REALLY?! AmyBeth wants to use my photo to illustrate a story! WOW! That is awesome! But I thought you were nuts only because I’m like “so out of everyone she could do this for she chose me!” “Is she nuts?!” Obviously in a very good way of course. 😀

19.   Do you think you have anything in common with Ruby, the character in Synaesthesia your image inspired?

I do actually! As crazy as it may sound, Ruby reflects a side of me that I keep hidden most of the time! Ruby is an inspiring character, and I love her personallity and character. I picture myself being Ruby when reading the stories and it’s so weird to picture yourself in a character based off of myself. It’s insane, but I really enjoy the character and the story line. I really believe you have a great talent for this and I am truely honored to be a part of it!

20.   Who shot first? Han or Greedo?

Han I believe!

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    • Does the link back to my blog work?
      I tested it on your site and where it says “click here”, it takes you to OUTLOOK, not to my blog.
      Also, I would appreciate if somewhere on your post it had my name, since I am the interviewer.
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  3. Please, find the article in Catalan in the Facebook page, attached to the website Star Trek: Phase II (pàgina en català), where the artcicle can be found in a link in the section “notícies”.
    The article is made from this interview. I hope this is allright with you.

    Santi Fabrellas (Mirror)

  4. Lobo Solo says:

    Beautiful eyes, but I’m not fond of the tats.

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