Interview with Sharyn Yee

SharynI am and have been in the 3d artist world since 2004, everything I learned, I taught myself with patience and time. I also love photography and hope to get into that some time in the near future. I am a wife and a mother to two beautiful children that are the very air I breathe.

1. I always suspect that people with a “Y” in their name must be Welsh. Do you have any Welsh heritage?

No no welsh heritage, funny enough my birth name is Sharon, but when my parents were divorced i decided i needed a change and went all rebellious – changing the spelling of my first name and also changed my (maiden) name, I didn’t want to use my father’s surname anymore.

2. What tempted you to leave Australia and move to New Mexico?

I left Australia for my husband, it was either me come here, or he go to Australia, but he had more to loose then I did, so I dropped everything in my life and came to live here, we lived in California first for 4 years and then moved here to New Mexico for his work.

black-or-white3. Do you still have an Australian accent? Do the kids?

Apparently i do still have the accent. my kids no, my daughter is only 5 and my son is only 9 months old so he cant speak yet LOL

4. When did you start creating digital art?

I started in 2004

5. When did you decide to go pro with your art?

It was a hobby then it became a 2nd job, being a vendor and selling digital products, I decided to go Pro this year actually, because well as everyone knows times are tough and kids grow and you need to fulfill those needs.

a-tender-moment6. I remember from art class that the great artists were perfectly capable of painting an image that was totally life-like, but they chose instead to interpret their subjects in a more “artistic” way. Is there a balance between realism and artistry?

Honestly I wouldn’t know, I’m a huge fan of realism, I like my work to have that realistic quality even if it is a fantasy image, I try to use lighting and render settings in Poser to accomplish a somewhat realistic finish.

7. Pre-Raphaelites were accused of painting subjects who were over- idealized. Can the same be said for digital artists today? Do we have any names or terms for today’s various different styles of digital art?

I dont think so no, I mean anyone can be an artist – I dont know if there is a name for those kind of artists that do digital work of huge chested women, I think they idealise women a lot and it saddens me for the way that they think of women.

8. How did you come by the name “BellaDZines?”

Well Bella is the short form for my daughters name (isabella) and it also means beautiful, and DZines is really designs in a more short form and only because i couldnt get the name BellaDesigns did i come up with Dzines instead.

Is-it-Safe9. Do you still use the name “Artemis?”

Sadly yes, i still do use that name, its my vendor name at the three brokerages i sell at, and i say sadly because i feel i’ve moved on from that name and there is a lot of baggage attached to that name that i no longer carry.

10. Do you use Deviant Art for fun or business?

For fun, I don’t think I can take Deviant Art seriously anymore.

11. How do you hope to grow your shop at

Ihope to add photography to it as well as digtal art, who knows maybe one day before I die I may become well known LOL

Darkness-Within12. Have you ever done a book cover?

I was on a back cover of a very well known art book – but I would love to do more some day. I have also done cd covers and guitar amp artwork –

13. Do images of your kids ever turn up in your artwork?

No, i prefer to keep my family private and not involve my kids in my fantasy world, because its my fantasy world where i can also have something that is MINE only 🙂

14. What is your favorite electronic or digital drawing tool?

I use PoserPro2012 and photoshop CS6 for my work, i also have started using Daz Studio for my work too.

15. What is your favorite non-electronic drawing tool?

I dont draw LOL unless you could stick people drawings LOL

16. Have you and your husband ever collaborated on a work of art (not counting the kids…)

Not on art but on digital products yes we have…. but in (art) experience i am so much further ahead then he is, and he still has alot to learn about alot of things of what i use to do what i do.

17. Will your husband ever be as famous as Bobak Ferdowsi?

In his mind probably LOL …. but im happy that my husband is well known in his circles on G+, it feeds his ego well LOL

18. What would it take for you to relocate your family to the moon?

Nothing, i would never go there unless there were cities and offered all the comodities that i have here on Earth.

19. Have you ever got in trouble for shooting first?

Yes … i always get into trouble to assumptions and its one of the things i am learning still, to never assume the best or worse of anyone or anything.

20. Who shot first, Han or Greedo?

Han, he was my only favourite in Star Wars

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