Not Quite There

ROW80LogocopyI am so very glad my littlest is finally in school all day! She loves Kindergarten. I’ve been waiting a long time to have both my kids in school full time so I can have more writing time.

Somehow, that hasn’t quite happened yet.

Hubby is still recovering from his surgery. He’s doing well, but has missed at least a day of work each week since he’s been back to work. It is a challenging road to recovery. My older daughter has all the special-needs arrangements she needs at school, but not after school. We’re still working on making arrangements so she can participate in after-school activities. On top of all that, a couple of weeks ago we had a series of unfortunate events that touched on financial, medical, automotive, familial, emotional, and several other aspects of real life. We’re still recovering.

So…how did I do with my ROW80 goals this week?

Did I write at least 2k? Just two thousand little words? No. I didn’t even do my usual flashes. See the aforementioned series of unfortunate events.

Did I help another writer? Lapsed on the editing for a friend, although that is still in process. On the bright side, I’m one of Kat Brauer‘s minions, helping write blog posts for her Crits For Water campaign. This is a wonderful charity that provides clean water for communities around the world. Kat’s method of raising money for them is to get authors to donate critiques which she auctions off.

What the heck was my third goal?

Oh yeah! Organizational stuff. No…not really, but I did sit down with my hubby and picked out the new laptop I’ll be getting. My current one is on its last legs. Once it arrives I’ll be redoing the way I save files. The biggest differences are that I will have several folders labeled “disposable” where I can put files that I only need to save for a few days, then I can delete them. I will also be looking at the categories I have and see what can be consolidated, as well as which should be kept on Dropbox and which should be on the hard drive.

Do you use cloud storage? I absolutely adore my Dropbox, and the free level still meets my needs. My only complaint is that if I did decide to upgrade, it would be $10 every month, which is kind of steep. I’d hate to think how much I’d lose if I missed a measly $10 payment.

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