Interview With Claudia Christian

From her first television series in the eighties, through her role as Susan Ivanova of Babylon Five in the nineties, and numerous roles in the new millennium, Claudia Christian is not only one of SciFi’s favorite stars, she is a great comedic, dramatic, and voice-over actress across multiple genres. Her book Babylon Confidential: A Memoir of Love, Sex, and Addiction is coming out this November.

.1) Did you enjoy your time in France? Do you have any upcoming French-speaking roles?

 I had a great time in France, I studied French in Sancerre and then drove all around the Loire Valley by myself visiting chateaux and just drinking in the beauty of the country. No I have never acted in French though I’ve done some acting work with a French accent.

2) At what point in your acting career do you feel you were the most driven to succeed?

 I have always been driven to succeed and I’m still waiting to become an over-night success…even after 30 years! 🙂

3) You recently cleaned out your closets to auction off some memorabilia for charity. What was the cause and why is it so dear to you?

 The cause was to raise money to help raise awareness of TSM (The Sinclair Method) a medical treatment for alcoholism that I have been on for 4 years, it saved my life and I am determined to save others.

4) How did you discover The Sinclair Method?

 I discovered TSM after trying just about everything else available. I was in a detox center and picked up a pamphlet for Vivitrol then researched the ingredients and eventually found my way to Dr. Roy Eskapa’s book: The Cure For Alcoholism.

5) Why did you write Babylon Confidential?

 I wrote babylon Confidential in order to help put a face on TSM, to help Dr. Sinclair and Dr. Eskapa spread the word of this miraculous treatment and to help others and to lessen the stigma of addiction. I’ve played a lot of heroes and I think it’s important to come out and talk about addiction so that it becomes less of a moral issue and more of a medical issue….even “heroes” are fallible…..

6) What was your writing and editing process with Morgan Grant Buchanan?

 My collaboration with Morgan was wonderful, we Skyped a lot since he lives in Melbourne and I live between London and LA, the time difference was challenging at times.

7) While writing Babylon Confidential, did you ever feel like it was just too painful and too personal to share?

 Of course it was painful at times but that’s the result of being must be completely open and bare even the ugly bits, alcoholism isn’t pretty and it shouldn’t be shameful but the more people know about it the better they can understand it.

8) Do you often find yourself saying “No” to new ideas because you already have too many things going on?

 I rarely say ‘no’ to anything.

9) Can you foresee a time when you will slow down?

 I will never slow down.

10) Is the best still yet to come?

 I hope so!

11) What is the strangest encounter you’ve ever had with a fan?

 The Tribble incident, it’s on youtube and in my book.

12) Do fans ever randomly shout “Boom Shaka-Laka!” at you?

 At conventions, yes….

13) Back in March I posed the SciFi Question of the Day to my fans “Huzzah! Claudia Christian and Claudia Black are both signed to do a movie together! What’s it about? (No, this isn’t really happening, I just wish it was)” I was thrilled that you chimed in and let me know that such a movie actually does exist! According to the Strange Frame website, they’re having screenings at Dragon*Con and Stan Lee’s KamiKaze Expo in September. How long ago did you do the voice for your character? Were the other actors recording with you, or were you separate?

 I recorded my part alone and I can’t recall when I did it…sometime last year…I do so many voice gigs it’s hard to keep track but I’m really looking forward to seeing it next month!

14) Who is Accala Viridius Camilla?

 The protagonist of the novels Wolf’s Odyssey by Morgan Grant Buchanan and me.

15) What is your favorite electronic or digital writing tool?

 My Mac desk top

16) What is your favorite non-electronic writing tool?

 My Venetian crystal pen and ink I bought in Florence….I like dipping and tapping and blotting…I’m weird like that…I have a 17th century ink blotter in the shape of  a bear, you have to replace the paper once in awhile and it’s tough to find proper blotting paper these days!

17) What would you consider your greatest achievement in cooking?

 I cooked Indian food for 30 people once in my 20’s….having never cooked Indian food in my life….and it was great!

18) If you could write yourself a part in Game of Thrones, what kind of character would you play?

 I would play anything in GOT….literally anything….if I could write it I’d make myself a Rasputin type character……

19) If you did have the opportunity to be the dictator of a small country, would that option still be attractive to you?

 Nah, I’m over my dictator stage….

20) Who shot first, Han or Greedo?

I haven’t a clue….:)

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  1. vtnomad says:

    Love the Tribble Story! Little scary but good!

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