SciFi Q of the Day: Two Claudias

Strange Frame: The World’s First Animated Lesbian Sci-Fi Musical Film

SciFi Question of the Day: Huzzah! Claudia Christian and Claudia Black are both signed to do a movie together! What’s it about? (No, this isn’t really happening, I just wish it was.)

Facebook Answers:

  Matthew B. Tepper ‎”We, Claudias”?

Google Plus Answers:

  Charles Moore  I’m still waiting for a modern movie based on Asimov’s works wherein “based on” != “stole the title from.” BBCA should totally do “Foundation” or something. (I say BBCA because I trust American film/tv studios about as far as I can throw them and their MPAA lackies.)

  michael interbartolo  two tough as nails treasure seeking captains scour the galaxy for the secrets of a lost civilization, first as competitors until a race thought to be dead is revealed to also be searching for the secrets. now they must work together to unlock the secrets that could upset the very balance of the galaxy if they fail.

  AmyBeth Inverness  I love it!

  Glenn Rogers  Farscaping: Babylon and On

Claudia Christian’s Answer:

Actually we ARE in a film together (Claudia Black) it’s Strange Frame, the animated film smile🙂 Claudia

It’s not released yet.  Strange Frame: The World’s First Animated Lesbian Sci-Fi Musical Film 

Claudia Christian has a book coming out this November called Babylon Confidential. Read her interview here.

I would love to hear what you think! Even if you are reading this post a year or more after publishing, I hope you will leave a comment with your own ideas on this topic.

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  4. New questions:

    What SciFi shows have referenced other SciFi shows from a fan POV? Like Captain Carter in Stargate muttering “Just let me MacGuyver this…”

    The milk-carton boat championships are here! The reigning women’s team consists of Kari Byron (Mythbusters), Holly Marten (Eureka), Amy Pond (Doctor Who), Lyta Alexander (Babylon 5), and Poison Ivy (Batman). What 5 person all-women team (from SciFi or geekdom in general) can give them a run for their money?

    If River Song and River Tam teamed up for a crossover special, what kind of antagonist should they face?

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