Interview With Amanda Fletcher

Amanda Fletcher is the author of many poems and a few short stories. What happens at Staples (coming out in Felt Tips on 12/12/12) is the first story to be published. She is the author and cook for her food blog A Witchy Woman’s Kitchen and is currently attending Le Cordon Bleu in Seattle. Amanda Lives in Snoqualmie WA, She is an avid Gardener and homesteader. Her favorite office supply is the ruler…because spankings are amazing when done right *wink*

1. What’s your day job?

I am a full time student at Le Cordon Bleu and work as a prep cook at Nordstroms Cafe 🙂

2. What manner of witchy chick are you?

The Witchy Kind! heehee well I learned from a Dianic Wiccan High Priestess/group But since then have moved on and kinda do my own thing. I worship the Earth, the God and the Goddess and celebrate the seasons

3. Looking at your wish list, I see you are a fan of Despicable Me. If you had Minions, how would you use them?

o.m.g i forgot i had that on twitter *turns red* I would probably use them to clean my house since the bf is getting sick of doing it…i know. lame.

4. Who are some of your favorite authors?

Off the top of my head: Yasmine Galenorn, Laurell K Hamilton,Diana Pharaoh Francis. Mandy M Roth, Michelle Pillow, oh and of course Tiffany Reisz 😛

5. Is writing a large part of your life?

Not so much anymore since I started school (I graduate in December) but once I’m done and have a little more time I plan on writing a lot more.

6. What is your editing/rewrite process?

I like editing as I go. which makes it hard to actually finish anything but its what works for me. I write until I’m stumped, then go back and edit/rewrite. thats my way of beating writers block as well.

7. What’s your opinion on the traditional vs. Indie publishing debate?

Which debate? Like that people think Indie published books are somehow “less published?” I think people need to do what’s right for them and everyone else can mind their own business.

8. You frequently tweet pictures of food. Do you have mad cooking skilz?

I DOEZ!!!! MAD SKILLZ. ish. I graduate culinary school in Dec, I better have mad cooking skills 🙂 I’m big on presentation and really looking to get into a fine dining gig so i can showcase/better my skills

9. What is your favorite electronic or digital writing tool?

I’m not smart enough for this question. it says electronic so I’ll answer vibrator….what is that an electronic? teehee

10. What is your favorite non-electronic writing tool?

Are there multiple? I like writing with my big purple pen with sparklies and butterflies…I’m way too sarcastic…dont kill me 😛

11. What is the most persistent distraction from writing?

SCHOOL! haha oh and writing happens on the computer…computer means interwebs… I blame Mandy M Roth.

12. What is your ideal writing environment? Have you ever been able to create it?

A small area of my own with a little tent type covering and lots of pillows. And negative. But i will soon!

13. Do you have rules for how steamy you write your sex scenes?

Heck no! I’m very much into BDSM and have been for a bit now. I like scenes steamy. I held back a little w/Felt Tips since I wasnt really sure what to write….but my next stories will be steamier.

14. What genres do you write? Would you consider trying others?

I dont really have Genres. I write what i feel.

15. Can human sexuality be divided into heterosexual, homosexual, and bisexual, or is it more complicated?

No. no. no. no. I believe that human sexuality is bigger than a line in the sand. Its how people feel about each other. I might meet a group of people I really like and decide to have different types of sex that I would never have thought about before. Now if I were hetero and did something with a woman am I suddenly Bi? or *gasp* Homo? I believe that sexuality is a living breathing evolving entity. Just like life.

16. What advice would you give a person having trouble reconciling woman as “Mommy” with woman as a sexual being?

I guess I would need a specific example? Are we talking about someone with mommy issues who cannot fathom a woman being a sexual being or something different altogether? I would probably tell them to seek a professionals help just because That is one thing I’m no good at dealing with. I can help friends with a variety of different problems but this is one I’ve never encountered. Um.. Maybe I would tell them that women ARE sexual beings and theres nothing wrong with it. That they need to work to see the beauty in it? This is a hard question.

17. When you first heard about Felt Tips, did you immediately have a story idea?

Oh heck yes. The one I did hee.

18. What is the most memorable (or disturbing) thing Tiffany Reisz has ever tweeted?

Fisting. That is all.

19. You’ve never seen Star Wars? Is there any SciFi you do like?

DOCTOR WHO! Firefly, I HAVE seen the new Star Wars just not the old. Old school Star Trek a bit, Thor, the Fifth Element,  I like a lot but for some reason am drawing a blank.

20. Who shot first, Han or Greedo?

Han Solo did. haha bf had to answer for me. Self defense he says.

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