Back on the Wagon…Wait…or Off…

One week later and I still haven’t figured out the analogy. Maybe I’ll pull a Lucas and re-edit this post three months from now when a really witty anecdote comes to mind.

But things are better. After several updates in a row (ROW…ROTFLOL! OMG I’m so funny!)


After several ROW80 updates about how I’m not meeting my goals, I met most of them this week. I’m still doing fine with the blog stuff. Even though my Marie Antionette story gets less than a dozen hits each week, I still post it, and I will still finish it. If nothing else, it’s a good exercise.

I’m not writing as regularly as I should, I have had a few days that were very productive. I wrote a 3k story about a space elevator called Jack and the Beanstalk. I think I will put it on the blog next week, at the same time as the interview with Michael Laine, who is actively working on designing a real space elevator. I also half finished a fantasy short for an anthology some friends are putting together just for fun. I made good use of some found time and wrote half of another short story by hand.

Maybe I’ll put those halves together and call it a whole…

For long-term goals, I need to get back to writing and editing my full length novels. The short stories are fun, and they’re great exercise. They also exorcise all those extraneous ideas running around in my head. But although the shorts might be submitted to an anthology or magazine or contest, my true desire lies in the novels.

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2 Responses to Back on the Wagon…Wait…or Off…

  1. TheOthers1 says:

    Your story sounds interesting. It’s hard to get people to read and comment long stories, but I think it’s good to write them on here. I find that’s better for my creative process to blog the chapters. Good luck on your writing and editing. 🙂

  2. Yay for a good week! I find myself more creative when I can take time away from edits and just do some writing – doesn’t matter what I write – just writing. And I liked your row joke 🙂


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