SciFi Q of the Day: Why Go to the Moon?

SciFi Question of the Day: Why go to the moon?


Facebook Answers:

  Joseph Kerezman Because its there.

  AmyBeth Fredricksen Yeah, so’s Venus, but I wouldn’t be seen dead there!

  Bob Camp because its better than going to Uranus!!!! LMAO! (sorry i have the sense of humor of a 13 year old sometimes, had to do it.)

  AmyBeth Fredricksen You’re right, Bob. Somebody had to do it!

  Joseph Kerezman Fine. The Moon is our stepping stone to Mars and beyond. Human kind will not survive staying put on Mother Earth. Better?

  Juno Suk The moon has more land. Lower population. Lower property taxes. And they have a Starbucks and Walmart there.

  Juno Suk Strangely enough, when you moon someone, they’re likely to see Uranus.

  AmyBeth Fredricksen ‎Juno Suk Yeah, but is it a Super Walmart?

  Joseph Kerezman I’ve heard that Mars needs women…

  AmyBeth Fredricksen ‎~rimshot~

  Pony Horton Helium-3. Look it up. ‘Nuff said.

  Joseph Kerezman I thought it was “Mars needs Moms”

  AmyBeth Fredricksen It turns out they’re not picky.

  Al Hartman Um, to see if Alice ever made it?

  Pony Horton Al, maybe she’s lying right next to Tommy Lee Jones after SPACE COWBOYS!

  Al Hartman Pony, is Tommy Lee “The Man in the Moon?”

  Joseph Kerezman ‎”Mars Needs M.I.L.F.s”? Sorry I couldn’t resist

  Joseph Kerezman We’re all adults here 🙂

  Al Hartman Wait, wasn’t the moon blasted out of orbit on September 13th, 1999?

  Pony Horton Al, yes it was but DON’T TELL ANYONE!!! So far, nobody has figured out that the moon is now just one of my matte paintings!!

  AmyBeth Fredricksen Damn, Pony, you’re good!

  Pony Horton Thanks Amy! Oh, wait… you mean about my matte painting! (Sorry)

  James Lucius ‎”We choose to go to the moon … and do the other things. Not because they are easy. But because they are hard.”

  Gwendolyn Wilkins Practice for going to other worlds. Can also serve as a launching point to other worlds.  Setting up bases and colonies also helps ease population issues (though really those should be dealt with BEFORE heading out into space imo).

  Pony Horton And also, LOTS of free parking!

  Geri Bressler Wouldn’t it be easier to launch large ships for exploration and colonization from the moon, thanks to lower gravity?

  Pony Horton Geri, YES! That’s one of the better reasons for being there.

  Emily Becker Priest Why Not?… hehe had to ask.

  Kristi Webb Cause it is there!

  Brian Covault Easier and cheaper. Cost of going form Earth to orbit is the biggest challenge to space exploration.

Google Plus Answers:

Anthony Deaver's profile photo  Anthony Deaver  –  Because it’s there? 😉

 AmyBeth Inverness's profile photo  AmyBeth Inverness  –  OMG… facebook got the exact same answer from a different person lol! Of course, the second person to comment made a “Uranus” joke…
Anthony Deaver's profile photo  Anthony Deaver  –  Can I change my vote then?

(Nevermind, +Greg Christopher beat me to it )
Greg Christopher's profile photo  Greg Christopher  –  To reach Uranus!
Rebecca Blain's profile photo  Rebecca Blain  –  If I miss I’ll still land among the stars. :3 (I love that quote…)

Suzy Brown's profile photo  Suzy Brown  –  Because it’s an incredibly cool thing to do, & people love being cool

Denise Nikonson's profile photo  Denise Nikonson  –  Because no place on earth is safe to hide your most prized possession. The moon is the closest option.

Wendi Raig's profile photo  Wendi Raig  –  Why not?

michael interbartolo's profile photo  michael interbartolo  –  because we can not stay on earth forever a time may come when the Earth is used up, blown up or scorched as the Sun dies and if we don’t leave the cradle of Earth then everything we have been, everything we could be everyone we were would be gone. The moon provides a close test bed to live away from Mother Earth with short communication time delay and short return. It is a foothold for future exploration further out away from the safety of our home. developing technology, energy, life science and learning is invaluable given it’s proximity.

Chris Whissen's profile photo  Chris Whissen  –  To shore up our dwindling cheese supplies.

Jonathan Gunson's profile photo Jonathan Gunson  –  Because sometimes there’s love on the moon. No really, there’s pictures
AmyBeth Inverness's profile photo  AmyBeth Inverness  –  Talk about “Love on the Rocks”…

Anthony Fox's profile photo  Anthony Fox  –  Build a military base to defend the planet.

They’re coming.
Jonathan Gunson's profile photo  Jonathan Gunson  –  +AmyBeth Inverness are you at +Authors of Google+ ? I’ll repost your query there.
AmyBeth Inverness's profile photo  AmyBeth Inverness  –  +michael interbartolo are you going to SpaceUp Houston?

michael interbartolo's profile photo  michael interbartolo  –  +AmyBeth Inverness probably not but I haven’t checked the agenda.

Robert Fredricksen's profile photo  Robert Fredricksen  –  The moon is the perfect place to launch deep space vehicles to continuing exploration of space. The moon’s lowwer gravity and ice to make hydrogen makes it the perfect depot to reach strange new worlds……

Joel Moore's profile photo  Joel Moore  –  It has an unlimited source of black unobtanium that will safely and cleanly power our planet for 1000’s of years.


I would love to hear what you think! Even if you are reading this post a year or more after publishing, I hope you will leave a comment with your own ideas on this topic.

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9 Responses to SciFi Q of the Day: Why Go to the Moon?

  1. Monita says:

    Cause it’s close yet so far? like unrequited love if u got chances to reach it than why not

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  3. Hmmm… another idea for a SciFi Q:

    “Will any good ever come from Black holes? Or will they always be a thing to be feared?”

  4. Is there ever a good reason for a writer to purposely ignore a scientific fact in order to further their story?

  5. Is Star Wars Science Fiction or Space Fantasy?

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