Writers and runners talk about goals (or goats, if you’re Tiffany Reisz) in terms of “k.” The letter “k” as in short for “kilo,” meaning “one thousand.”

Today, I reached a 10k goal.

No, not words. And most certainly not meters!

Today, I tweeted my ten thousandth tweet.

I was reluctant to join twitter, a little more than a year ago. Originally, I did it for the sake of a cute guy who has a way with design. Then, looking at the Nelson Agency‘s website, one of the suggestions for people like me was to establish an internet presence, such as a web site and diving into social media.

I already had a large friend base on facebook. Those friends are still near and dear to me, and I can always count on them to give me the answer to either a straight or a silly question. I began this blog, and then I looked at my tiny twitter account where I only followed Paul Teutul Jr. and a few friends. I started following several of Nelson Agency’s staff and clients, and from there I branched out into a whole world of writers.

I understand that Twitter isn’t for everybody. (I was thrilled when Christian Slater joined a few months ago, but as of today he’s only tweeted a few times.) I’ve heard the advice clarified from agents and other writers: Yes, you need to have an internet presence. But just do what you’re comfortable with. You don’t need to join every single social network out there. You just need to make sure that you are connecting with people online, in whatever way works for you.  The only exception is having a website… most people I’ve heard agree that a writer, even one who know that publication is more than a year away, must have a website and it must be up to date.

Website: check

Twitter: check

Facebook: check

Google Plus: check

Goodreads: check, but I really need to update it more frequently

YouTube: New, but I’ve added a few things…

A finished, polished manuscript, ready to send to an agent….


Excuse me…I have some work to do…

The shortlink for this post is http://wp.me/s1qnT4-10k

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