Sample Group Interview

I’ve been published in several anthologies, and one challenge is how to promote the book with so many wonderfully diverse writers. For both Felt Tips and Precipice, I interviewed several of the authors. That’s great, but I didn’t have enough time to interview everyone.

With the new anthologies (The Garden of Eden, which is now available, as well as Sulfurings and Real World Unreal which are coming out in a few weeks) I plan to do a sort of “group interview” where there is only ONE question, but ALL the authors answer it. I’m making this fake group interview post so that my antho-mates can see what I have in mind.

This post is a parody… the real post would have the real cover and blurb, as well as links to each author’s site.

sample grande gallery coverThe Grande Gallerie is a collection of tales from eight of the world’s greatest authors. Unfortunately, they are all dead, and didn’t actually write the stories in the anthology, but that doesn’t mean you won’t still enjoy this incredible work of art.

If this was a real book, the blurb would be much more interesting, and I’d include buy links here.

I asked each of the authors the same question:

“If you could visit any museum in any time, where would you go?”


sample platoPlato The Story of the Philosophical Ogre

I would go to the far east. Fascinating place… perhaps the International Friendship Exhibition in North Korea? That sounds nice. Wait…where is this bust of me displayed? That’s kinda cool…



sample austenJane Austen Women Without Malls

I want to see the museum from the book cover. Did you know that there’s a shopping mall under the Louvre? I wish I hadn’t been born before the advent of shopping malls. They sound wonderful!



sample aristotleAristotle Plumbers and Plebians

A museum? In any time? Well, if you’re bringing me back to life, am I limited to a museum visit? And are you bringing me back as an old man or a young man? Do you think I could be the next Bachelor? That’s a gig I’d love to have!



sample descartesRene Descartes Unidentified Frying Objects

The Football Hall of Fame.

I always wanted to see Ohio.



sample dickensCharles Dickens Despicable Poets

The Victoria and Albert Museum. Or The Museum of Egyptian Antiquities in Cairo. Then again, I’ve always wanted to visit Prague…I hear the Beer Museum is rather enjoyable. Does the Budweiser factory in Colorado count as a museum?



sample BronteCharlotte Bronte Hornton Has a Harsh Mistress

The Museum of Sex in New York City. I lived in a sheltered time, and I still have so many questions…



sample alcottLouisa May Alcott Not-So-Little Any More

Did you know they made my family’s house into a museum? Talk about surreal… I’d want to dress up like at 21st century tourist and just eavesdrop on people as they tour my house.



sample kevinKevin Minion The Spy Who Should Have Loved Me



Post Script…

The Sulfurings interview can be found here

The Real World Unreal interview can be found here

The Nebula Nights interview is pending…

Dear Nebula Nights authors: I will be posting a group interview on August 22. Please send an e-mail to with…

  1. The name your story is published under
  2. Your headshot (can be small, pref. cropped square or I might crop it square for you)
  3. The link you would like your entry to connect to (I will also have buy links for the box set)
  4. The answer to the following question:

Might future human cultures revive any ‘old fashioned’ customs in the area of courtship and romance?

Thanks so much! I look forward to hearing from you all.

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