Summer Goals

Goal PostSo, round 2 of A Round of Words in 80 Days ends Thursday. This one was a wash for me, but round 3 should be very good!

This next round will be all about priorities. I have two stories coming out in anthologies (more about those later) one on July 1 and the next on July 7. I have stories I need to finish writing to submit to anthologies (I’m in the first two Biblical Legends anthologies and I hope to be in all of them.) On the horizon there’s another possible outlet for a series of shorts. It feels strange…but I have many other opportunities that I won’t be taking advantage of because I need to prioritize which projects get my time and attention.

I’ve decided to start doing interviews again. Yes, they take time and concentration, however the connections, new friends, and professional networking makes it more than worthwhile. Not this Friday, but next.

I need to edit Jubilation of the Southern Cross and Hearthsong. I am strongly considering doing what J.K. Rowling did to finish Harry Potter, and spending a long weekend in a local hotel. Away from kids and other distractions, I can sleep and wake whenever I want, as long as I also eat something now and then. I hope I will be able to blast through both books in a long weekend, especially if I’m able to read through and make notes before then. I’d love to send both books to beta readers in mid July.

Here’s a question…

When you are in “edit mode,” do you still write every day (or whatever your routine is) or does editing work replace writing work?

OMG… I’m just realizing… I said I had to stay away from Jubilation of the Southern Cross and Hearthsong for at least one month… and it’s been almost six. Woah…

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2 Responses to Summer Goals

  1. I like to focus on one project at a time, so when I’m editing or revising a story, that counts as my writing time.

    A weekend in a hotel sounds like a wonderful idea. There are also some places that are designed to be writer’s retreats, and they’re often priced fairly reasonably. If you could find a place like that, that could also work.

    Good luck!

    • After looking at a few writer’s retreats, I realized that the main reason I wanted a retreat was for uninterrupted writing time. It’s cheaper to just do my own retreat by staying away from home for a few days! As long as I can feed myself… some hotels don’t have food available. But if I have a microwave and fridge I’ll be set. Most importantly, Im looking forward to being able to sleep and wake whenever I want. No staying in bed just because it’s my last chance to get “enough” sleep… I can get up for three hours or thirteen.

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