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Writers and runners talk about goals (or goats, if you’re Tiffany Reisz) in terms of “k.” The letter “k” as in short for “kilo,” meaning “one thousand.” Today, I reached a 10k goal. No, not words. And most certainly not … Continue reading

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Interview With Donnie, Husband of Roni Loren

Donnie is the husband of Roni Loren, author of CRASH INTO YOU which was #2 on the Barnes and Nobles Trade Romance Bestseller’s List. Here we have the glimpse into what it’s like to be married to a woman who writes erotic fiction. … Continue reading

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On the Road Again… or Was That a Wagon?

On the wagon? Or off the wagon… I have no idea which metaphor applies, since I’m not talking about alcohol. A few weeks ago I posted “Eep!” as my update, since things were not going well. The next week, I … Continue reading

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SciFi Q of the Day: Religion in Science Fiction

SciFi Question of the Day: In the SciFi you’ve read and watched, what role does religion play? Is it treated as a quaint, backwards practice or as an integral aspect of an enlightened future? Facebook Answers   Didva Zachariel Ruthk religion is … Continue reading

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I am queen of this little corner of my world… Guest Post by Cassandra Carr

Today, I am pleased to welcome a writing guest, Cassandra Carr! Cassandra is a multi-published, award-winning erotic romance writer with Ellora’s Cave, Siren, and Loose Id who lives in Western New York with her husband, Inspiration, and her daughter, Too Cute for … Continue reading

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Meeting new friends via social media, it is easier to be racially color blind. Although sometimes the name gives away a clue, or I peruse our newfound friend’s profile to see where they live, I often find myself developing a … Continue reading

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Interview With Charles E Root Jr

Charles E Root Jr has an immortal claim to SciFi fame in his portrayal of the much-loved character Scotty, Chief Engineer of the Starship Enterprise in the web-based series Star Trek: Phase II. He also lives close enough to me that I can … Continue reading

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