Some writers write with a monkey on their back.  I have a cat on mine.  Or, more specifically, he is draped comfortably across my shoulders in a pose akin to many pictures of shepherds I’ve seen in biblical illustrations.

Before you completely tune out, be assured that, no, this is not going to turn into one of those blogs!  Sure, my kids and pets are cute.  But not that cute.  By the end of this post, he will probably have moved from my shoulders to the window shelf which is almost perfectly even with my shoulders and kept clear for the express purpose of cat-watching. 

If I look around, I’ll find the other four (yes, I have five cats, but not on purpose.)  There is one already on said shelf, about to step down onto my desk, hopefully avoiding the keyboard.  Ah, yes, he has avoided the keyboard… he is now between me and the keyboard…


That is the sound of a cat (gently) being shoved to the floor.  There is one cat on the little inflatable kiddie bed just on the other side of my desk.  We still need to figure out where the pinholes are in that mattress… he still has all his claws.  (The mattress is there because my 3yo was sick a few weeks ago, and this way she could sleep close to Mommy and Daddy.)

Two other cats are on the bed.  One has found the hole in the blanket that the dog chewed when he was a puppy.  The cat thinks the hole is not yet big enough, all he can fit through is his head.

So, back to the monkey on my back…

My wonderful husband said he would watch the girls so I can write.  I have come to accept the fact that it is all but impossible for me to write in fits and spurts.  I can I can accomplish that way is a basic outline or summary.  The words don’t flow.  It isn’t entertaining to read.  So, what did I do when I came upstairs to write?  I actually skipped e-mail, but I did go right to facebook and check both the profile for my pseudonym and my own personal profile.  I played “Ghost Trappers” on both accounts.  Then one of my Trek friends, Patty Wright, commented on my status and I noticed that her status said something really neat about sunflowers, so of course I had to go to YouTube and try to find a video that showed a time lapse of how sunflowers follow the sun.  That led to the notice that I’m using an outdated browser, which I know, and don’t intend to change on this old laptop that I leave upstairs.  But I didn’t find anything close to what I wanted, so I gave up and came here.

I must express my deepest sympathies and appreciation to those who are reading this from the beginning!  I haven’t even filled out my “about” page yet.  I have two entries that I wrote in advance, then cut and pasted here.  This is my first off the cuff entry, made even more interesting by the fact that, since I am using the old laptop with an outdated browser, the last half of every line I type ends up hidden behind another widgit or something and I’m typing half blind!  We’ll just have to see what it looks like after I hit that “post” button…

If I can find it…  I think it is also hiding behind a widgit somewhere…

About AmyBeth Inverness

A writer by birth, a redhead by choice.
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2 Responses to #amwriting

  1. Dan Bressler says:

    Every SF writer must have at least 1 cat in residence. This can be verified empirically by inspecting the author blurbs on their books’ dust jackets. There may be similar rules for romance authors, but I have not completed research in that area yet (and given the current state of congress, funding for this project seems unlikely). In any event, I am provisionally classifying you as a SF writer with strong romantic themes, rather than the other way around.

    Any chance of sharing snippets of your novel with your proto-fans?

    • usnessie says:

      Technically, I believe that SyFy Romance is a sub genre of Science Fiction. It was loads of fun going through the Writer’s Market, looking for an agent who would accept both SyFy and Romance, and thus also accept SyFy Romance!
      Also, Romance writers generally have even more cats than SyFy writers! Being both, I have five.

      As for snippets… I will share! I’m also considering putting complete short stories that compliment the novels here on the blog. And if you’re REALLY interested, I only have one beta reader so far, and I’ll send you and Geri the whole first novel if you’re willing to read, then send me a bunch of comments on it! I’m finishing the third novel now, and then I’ve promised to do a couple of story treatments for two different Trek fan groups, and then I’ll be going back into the first novel and editing it before sending a query off to the agent I’ve picked.

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