One Week In & Over My Head

So, one week into the world of the Blogger, and I feel like I’m in over my head.

But as busy as I am (my WIP is in danger of being lost) I’m really feeling like I’m regaining some of those braincells I lost during those years with fertility drugs, then pregnancy, then mommy-dom.  My concentration is better.  I feel like I’m doing something selfish for me, beyond being a homemaker.  But even though the housework is feeling neglected and my daughter is never satisfied no matter how many books I read her, this newfound occupation is a good thing!

I don’t mind too much that I have very few visitors so far.  Anyone who’s visited yet will notice that I only have the bare basics, and I don’t even have my “About” page done, nor the basic blurbs about the books.  But it’s only been a week, and I’m sure I will gain followers as I add content.

Two major things I did in the past week were to start doing interviews, first with Sara Creasy, next with Tiffany Reisz, then I have lined up Glenn Smith, Jane Kindred, and Patty Wright .  If I limit myself to one interview a week, hopefully I can keep up with the pace, and not run out of people to interview.

The other major thing I added was a second blog.  It is mostly being ignored for now, but the intention is to put some story samples there, and to make it an “adults only” area.  Not to say my writing is particularly inappropriate, but it can get steamy!  I’ve sent a note to WordPress support, asking if such a thing is allowed, and if I can get some kind of a warning screen that comes up when someone views that blog, asking them to click “yes I am 18” before they can continue to the content.  That was this weekend, and no one has answered my query yet.  Go figure.

Another major thing that happened this weekend was that I found John DeChancie, author of the “Castle Perilous” books, on facebook!  And he accepted my friend request!  I am so over the moon and starstruck.  I love those books!  And it’s a real page, a personal one, not just an ad I can “like”.  Maybe, just maybe, I’ll work up the cajones to interview him someday.


About AmyBeth Inverness

A writer by birth, a redhead by choice.
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4 Responses to One Week In & Over My Head

  1. Galit Breen says:

    Congratulations on it all- regaining braincells and moving forward. Love ’em both! 🙂

    And as for racy reads? Can’t wait! 🙂

  2. Thanks!
    I can’t wait to get my “racy reads” out there!
    I have to ensure that I make the time to edit the manuscript and work the query letter I want to send to an agent. It would be too easy at this point to sit back and say “Oh, I’ll finish that eventually…” That way I could put off all possibility of rejection indefinitely.

  3. L. Blanchard says:

    Hey AmyBeth, Welcome to the Blogosphere. I’m pretty new too. I dabbled for a month at and then committed to it and learned wordpress and bought my domain etc in January. Its been a steep learning curve, and I’m just a novice but I’m having a BALL! I’m moving my blog to though. I wish I’d known before about the no ads on
    Book bloggers rock. I’ve had so many people help i’m happy to pay it forward myself, so feel free to email me if you need any advice and if I can help in any way send me an private email at I’m happy to create a link from my article to your interview.

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