Yeah for Preschool!

I accomplished a few things yesterday.  I made some progress on Patty Wright’s interview questions.  I rewrote “Charity’s Ball” from Roger’s POV, which makes it a much different story.  I’m thinking about doing Royal’s POV as well, and maybe even Charity herself.  I’ve made a few notes for my “First” Kingdom Come story.  I know it will begin with the line “He hated these business trips to Earth.”  Those seven words tell the reader 1) it’s science fiction  2) the MMC does not live on Earth  3) Earth is still an important part of civilization.  I’m going to use some minor characters to demonstrate how the political system on Kindom Come differs from Earth and other colonies, and the main characters will demonstrate the social structure, namely the theme of group marriage.  I’m still letting the story simmer…  I have to finish hurrying through the end of “Under the Radar”, and I really want to get into “Script Frenzy“.  I don’t think I’ll meet the page count goal during April; I think I will do my original idea of writing a story treatment.

The other thing I accomplished may affect my writing more than any other task I could accomplish…  I looked up the registration information to send my 3yo to preschool next year!  Imagine, having a couple hours every day where the only interruptions will be the phone (which I can ignore) and the dog (who is harder to ignore, but generally not too demanding).  I might actually be able to concentrate on a real story line, the kind of concentration that produces real words that flow together in an entertaining way, not the hashed out glorified outline that the end of “Under the Radar” will be.

One last note…  I’m still playing with all the options that are built into WordPress.  I see a box that says Format: Standard, Aside, or Gallery.  I’m going to go play with that now, so if you see something weird on the blog, that’s why!

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