What’s Everyone Doing?

I didn’t intend to get this into twitter.  I love my facebook, and I always thought that  twitter was something just for people with fancy phones.  I use my cell phone to… brace yourselves…  make phone calls while I’m on the go.  And it’s left in my purse, turned off, most of the time.

Paul Teutul JrThen I was looking around Paul Jr Designs’ website, and although he didn’t have a link to facebook, he did have a  twitter account.  So, I dove in, and started following him.

A short time later, I was researching literary agencies, working towards the promise I made my husband that, this time, I would seek publication.  I found a website for Nelson Literary Agency, LLC  in Denver, Colorado.  They had the magic combination of accepting Romance, Science Fiction, and GLBT fiction (my novels have all these elements) and SQUEE!!! they were in the state where I grew up, and someday hope to return!  I found several people to follow from the lists of agents and authors.

From there, my list quickly grew as I connected with other writers of all ilks, and found other resources such as Writers Digest.  Being OCD (Obsessive, in particular, though with lots of help I’ve learned to handle it) I made a point to begin each morning by scrolling back to the point in my twitter feed that I left off the previous night, to make sure I didn’t miss anything.

I don’t do that anymore.  I want to, but it has become impossible.  I still scroll back a little bit, but in the middle of the day, even just an hour’s worth of tweets can be too much!

So, here’s a glimpse of what I see each day.

Marie Sexton is slowing herself down for a bit, though she is still providing her followers with a little NSFW man candy every now and then. It is usually safe to assume that, if it’s from Marie, it’s NSFW, although she does sometimes surprise us with something innocent and cute.

Kat Brauer is going to bed (She lives in Japan).  She tweeted that she “Got through chapter four of my first #amediting round for Agent of Awesome. Goal for tomorrow: thru 10.”

Tiffany Reisz got her cover for “The Siren”.  She and her agent are actively promoting the novel.  Shoot…  I can’t put the whole picture here because I promised I would keep the images to “PGish”.  But click on it to go to the agency’s website and you can see it in all its steamy glory!  Or here for a better view…

Tymothy Longoria is a mere 1800 words short of his word count goal.  On a side note, he says  “And now before I go conquer this WIP, I just realized we all sound like Elmer Fudd gettin’ scurred when we “retweet”. #JustSayin”  Oh!  I get it!  Hey, that’s actually pretty funny…

Roni Loren has a new feature on her author/non-fictiongroupie website called “Fictional Boyfriend of the Week

By Sceptre at en.wikipedia [CC-BY-SA-2.5 (www.creativecommons.org/licenses/by-sa/2.5)], from Wikimedia CommonsCentrechick is tweeting about having construction done on her roof, which I find endlessly funny considering her avatar is Dr. Who’s Tardis…

Scarlett Parrish is cursing fluently about having to write a blog post for tomorrow.  Later, she adds “Hello new followers! Expect lots of swearing and filth. Well I am an erotic romance author after all, so you can’t complain.”

Jane Kindred has named Robert Downey, Jr. as her new BFF Apparently, since she mentioned him on her blog, she is now getting traffic from people randomly searching his name.  Kinda like what I’m trying here…

Kirstie Alley is tweeting from the bathtub, trying not to get electrocuted by her iPhone.

Doctor Ruth tweets “A new CNN poll says that now a majority of Americans are for gay marriage, which is to say they’re for marriage, the way I look at.”  I love Doctor Ruth!

Several friends getting ready for Seder, including Sara Megibow who is doing it twice…

Branli is tweeting from work.

Wil Wheaton (yes, Trek fans, THAT Wil Wheaton) is blogging regarding acting and loneliness today.

And then, a random tweet from someone I don’t recognize… a retweet, really, stops me in my tracks and I absolutely have to go read this NOW…

thegayYA Gay YA  by sarahreesbrenna “In the world of my novels, being gay doesn’t matter.”http://bit.ly/gdGbeq by @malindalo

OMG!!!  Me too!   I must read this post and comment on it and celebrate that I found someone else writing in a world free of homophobia, where every is acknowledged to be bisexual.  One difference… in my world, everyone is on a “curve”, with some preferring the opposite gender.  Now I have to go figure out who “the gay YA” is…  presumably “The Gay Young Adult”, and I will start following them.

And then I return to my regularly scheduled feed…

Hmmm…  Wednesday is George Takei’s birthday!  He always has great tweets for his fans.  I want a tee shirt that says “I Retweet for George Takei!”  Here’s a good one (OK, it was a Monday tweet, but who’s checking?)  “An fascinating step toward Scotty really being able to beam me up!  As my fans say on Twitter: #Nerdgasm

Leah Petersen wants to know “What’s the word I’m looking for. Means always correct. An adjective.#amwriting”  I feel that this is a quest I should conquer, and spend a few minutes trying to find the right word, but I fail and give up after ten minutes.

And that’s just a tiny glimpse of Tuesday!  No wonder I’m not getting much actual writing done.

Oh, and Paul Teutul Jr?  What’s he doing?  The new episodes of American Chopper are about begin again, and they jumped through a lot of hoops to shoot a promo video without ever having Junior and Senior in the same room.

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12 Responses to What’s Everyone Doing?

  1. LOL! I love this post!

    The answers I got, by the way, to “What’s the word I’m looking for. Means always correct. An adjective.” were: wife, man, and infallible. Infallible being the one I was looking for. 😉

    And great find on the GayYA RT. I also write GLBT sci-fi where sexuality just isn’t an issue. (OK, for the random Neanderthal it’s an issue, but society will always have random Neanderthals.)

    I too heart Twitter.

  2. Oh good, Leah, I’m glad you got the answer! “Infallible”! The other answers were good too 🙂

    If human’s sexual orientation could be accurately measured, and then we plotted on a graph how many people were 100% homosexual to 100 % heterosexual, what would the graph look like? A straight line where there is a perfectly even distribution?”

  3. Oh, you pick the tweet that makes me look my most classy, don’t you? 😛

    PS: I think it’s a really original, fun idea to have a “What’s everyone doing?” blog post.

    PPS: Just, you know…make me look classier next time…

  4. Jane Kindred says:

    I feel slightly to blame for dragging you into the addiction that is Twitter. 😉 I think I was your second follower or something like that, and pimped you out immediately to my crew, because I love it when aspiring authors meet other aspiring authors on Twitter and get their minds blown by teh awesome. 😀 I toot Twitter’s horn to every author I meet, because it’s where the publishing world–writers, agents, editors, et al–is these days. A decade ago when I first ventured into the world of querying there was so little information out there about publishing and no writing community to be found. It was a horribly lonely existence. I ❤ Twitter. 🙂

    PS, what are those "test fishies" at the bottom of your blog?

    • Yes Jane, you were the gateway drug!
      I was amazed at the difference between the writer’s world on facebook and on twitter. Twitter is much more active on an hour-by-hour, day-by-day basis, although there are a few things that are easier on facebook.

      The test fishies I saw on someone else’s blog, and right clicking led me to their source at http://abowman.com/2010/03/17/minor-groovy-fish-update/ Supposedly you can customize how many fish, what color, and what background, then copy & paste into a text box on the WordPress blog and “poof” fishies! The customization I did with a background picture of a distant galaxy didn’t work, (that’s why I still call it “test” fishies) but if you left click on them, it will drop a bit of food and they will go eat it. Cute, and fun!

  5. roniloren says:

    What a fun post! Thanks for the mention. And glad you’ve discovered the joys of Twitter. It’s truly addictive. Now I’m off to follow some of your suggestions above. 🙂

  6. NC Narrator says:

    Want to make Dan laugh? Refer to Vin Diesel as “Lickable Man candy” – always works for me (remember that wheeze/snort thing he did in college? Yep, still does it!) I just discovered that some movie (in a series I think I’ve seen the first of but no others) is going to star two of my favorite examples of extremely lickable man candy – Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson. *sigh* I’ll watch a car flick for that!

    Elmer Fudd *snort*

    I love Dr. Ruth. She gets my fevered brain going in all kinds of directions every time I see her speak – and none of them directly related to whatever she’s speaking about as a rule!

  7. Ha!
    The movie with Vin Diesel and Dwayne Johnson is “Fast Five”. OK, maybe that would be enough reason to watch a car flick… or at least have it passively on Netflix while I’m doing something else!

    I follow Dwayne Johnson & Doctor Ruth on twitter. Dr. Ruth rocks!

  8. Helene says:

    I still cannot get into Twitter! It moves too quickly for me!!

    • Helene,
      When I first started Twitter, I only followed a couple people, and it was SO slow! And then I started following more and more people, and now sometimes in the middle of the day I can’t keep up. That’s REALLY hard for someone with OCD… to just accept that I will simply miss a lot of stuff.
      Facebook is a bit slower… I like the fact that I can use my status to ask a question like “In SyFy, what do you think is plausible for inter-stellar communication…” and my friends will chime in throughout the day as their schedules allow. With twitter, you have to rely on who’s on right at that moment.
      Like today, I had a specific question regarding the phrasing of my MMC’s anatomy and I really needed an erotica writer to help me clarify it. Both Scarlett and Marie happened to be on at the moment and answered me right away!

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